When I was nineteen, I threw caution to the wind and married my high school sweetheart. It was a military marriage, and like most of them, it was a real fairy tale...for about fifteen minutes. Two years later, I fell flat on my face when I found myself knee deep in divorce, and completely unprepared. I moved from the magic of Mannheim, Germany back to my dreary hometown in Kentucky.

After a few teary weeks, I picked myself up and began my next adventure. I found a job, moved into a duplex with three of my best friends, starting planning more travel destinations, and eventually, found a new someone to love. I have always been a romantic. Some things will never change.

I still read anything I get my hands on. I write every day. I want to see every inch of the world. I love with my whole heart. I bask in the sunshine and drink too much tea. I believe in the power of words, but more so in the power of a smile.


One memorable day in high school a boy called me "Carrot" and it stuck. One memorable day in college I decided I had a voice that should be heard. I combined my old nickname with my newfound desire to use my words and created the name of my blog, "carrotspeak." I liked blogland, and a few readers trickled in, so my blog stuck too.

carrotspeak (which is not capitalized) is about my life and the things I love. I talk a lot about travel, books, and love. Sometimes I share my crappy short stories and poems. I like it when people comment and email; I'm not talking to myself here, folks.


"You don't know me, but I was randomly checking out blogs today and found yours! It's awesome! I loved everything about it from the title to the backgrounds to the words on the page! You sound like an incredible young lady and I wish you all the best." -Elaine

"I came by your blog via your blog of note accomplishment, which I must congratulate you for.  I really like your layout because of its eye-catching colors and different designs." -Bruce

"I just started following your blog and l have to say I'm impressed. Congratulations on getting Blog of Note." - Yolanda

"My husband just left on a business trip and I found myself alone at home with my cat and dog checking out blogs. I recently started one and wanted to join some but didn't find anything that would catch my attention... And then I saw your blog. I saw it was cute with its colorful plaid background (long live plaid!) but then I read the description of yourself and your site and was immediately drawn.  I have never met a woman who has a husband, boyfriend or fiancee at war. But the idea of it always makes my eyes tear up. I am obsessed with historical romance and they always make war and the women left behind pining for their mates sound so... romantic. But ever since I got married all I think about when faced with the issue is how hard it has to be for a woman to have to hug their man as they leave to serve. I know I wouldnt be strong to do it and I am 26! I was such a child at 19 that I cant imagine going through that and having the strenght to stick to it. So kudos to you."  -Mel

"I just cant help myself but to tell you that I am sooooooooooo impressed with your blog.  My mouth dropped when I found out how old you are.  I believe you will grow and do some pretty amazing great things." -Tippy

"If anyone is a poster child for blogging fun and success, it has to be you! You could teach classes on the subject - I saw your comment about anybody needing help just to ask you. You are right, you have no clue how far behind you the rest of us are!!! Maybe I just speak for myself, but it was all I could do this morning to post my blog and attach a picture to it!!!! Maybe that's one of the reasons your blog is such a joy - not just your openness and friendly welcome, but the fact that it gives the rest of us something to aspire to!" -Elaine

"You are wise beyond your years. You share a quality present in the most successful people I have known. Yes, you have courage to face the future, but courage alone is not enough. You also have the optimistic courage to envision your many possible futures." -Gweyn

"YES - great blog Carrie - a visual treat, very creative and entertaining." -Nancy

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