Saturday, September 8, 2012

Things I'll Miss About Germany: Luisenpark Schmetterlingshaus

Kyle and I made another trip to Luisenpark this week, and my favorite part, as usual, was the Schmetterlingshaus (Butterfly Sanctuary).  I am always fascinated by this exhibit.  It's a makeshift rain forest inside a mid-size greenhouse where hundreds of butterflies flutter around, occasionally landing on a child's outstretched hand (but more often rushing from one tray of sliced oranges to the next).

This setting is a photographer's dream world.  I never spend less than a half hour here, patiently stalking these beautiful butterflies around their home, waiting for the perfect photo opportunity.  I was really pleased with this trip's results.  Maybe I was just lucky, but it seemed like the butterflies were a little lazy, resting longer than usual on the gorgeous greenery.

This will certainly be one of the many things I'll miss about Germany.  I hope I can find another butterfly sanctuary near our next home.  Visiting this one never fails to feel magical.

Other things I'll miss about Germany:


  1. wow these are great pictures. butterflies are always so hard to get in pictures because they flutter around so much. i know there are a couple of butterfly sanctuaries in DC (some way better than others) so i'm sure you'll find one in NY. museums and botanical gardens are good places to look for them.

    1. Thank you! :) And I really hope we can find another one! I've been doing a little research, and I've found a lot of great things near out next home that I'm excited to check out, so I have hope.


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