Sunday, September 2, 2012

Things I'll Miss About Germany: My Barnabunny

Today is a hard day.

Today a very nice family came to adopt Barnaby.

Kyle and I adopted Barnaby Bunny (a.k.a. Barnabunny) last October, almost exactly a year ago, after his original family unceremoniously dropped him off at my good friend's house with no notice whatsoever.  My friend was already housing a small zoo, and couldn't keep him, so Kyle and I brought him home that night.  Us taking Barnaby in was meant to be a temporary arrangement until we could find him a "forever home."

Then I got to know my Barnabunny.

He's just so dang cute.  I couldn't give him up.  So Barnaby lived in our library for eleven happy months.

Barnaby is a very shy bunny, but he and I had a certain understanding.  I would sit in the floor to read, and he would hop around the room freely, occasionally deigning to fall asleep in or around my lap.  I could pet the space between his ears, but never his back.  In exchange for sliced apples and carrots, he agreed never to munch on my books.  And wonder of all wonders, he was litter trained.

We were perfectly content.  We thought we would be Barnaby's forever home, and had every intention of taking the best care of him for years to come.  But then Kyle and I found out we're moving to New York at the end of the month, and our next post absolutely will not allow rabbits in the apartments.  We considered living off base for a long time, but after doing some research we realized that it's just not a financial possibility.  Expensive apartments in New York just won't fit in our budget.

So a tough decision had to be made:  What to do about Barnabunny?

I knew taking him to a shelter was out of the question.  Full grown bunnies aren't as adopted as quickly as tiny kittens and puppies.  (Though I'm not sure why, as bunnies are every bit as adorable.)  So, I posted ads online and began interviewing potential new families.  I was determined to find a happy, loving home that was deserving of such a wonderful pet.

And I did.  Barnaby's new family is great.  He's now their one and only pet, so he'll have lots of love and attention.  But that doesn't mean I'm happy to see him go.

Barnaby has been gone a total of two hours, and I already miss him.  I can't believe I actually let him go.  And yet, I know it was probably the best decision for him as well as us.  An eight hour flight and two day-long road trips would have been hard on the little guy, and it wouldn't even have been our last big move.  Plus, Barnaby and Brinks haven't been getting along well for a while now.  The two had to be separated at all times, and I know a barking dog couldn't have been good for Barnaby's poor nerves.

Still.  I miss my Barnabunny.  And I don't think I'll ever quite forgive the housing department at our next post for being the reason I had to give him up.

Other things I'll miss about Germany:


  1. aww giving up pets is so hard, but good for you for not going the easier shelter way. i'm sure he'll be happy with his new family.

    i've wanted a bunny since i was in fourth grade, and one day i will get one. the only reason i haven't yet is because we usually spend the whole summer overseas and that wouldn't be fair to a pet. so as soon as real life decides to deprive us of our summer travel abilities, i will console myself with a rabbit.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I was really afraid this post was going to get a lot of mean this makes me feel better! Bunnies are awesome pets, btw. I definitely plan to adopt another once we're in a more permanent home.

  2. Oh how sweet he is.... I'm sorry that you had to give him up but happy he has a wonderful new home.


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