Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Schloss Ludwigsburg Part 2: The Gardens

The gardens surrounding Ludwigsburg Palace are both massive and stunning.  Hidden among winding paths and tall trees are countless statues, topiary, and exotic blossoms; a "fairy tale" garden filled with storybook characters and their homes; even a second, smaller palace, dubbed "Favorite Palace," which is actually an overgrown hunting lodge.  Every step through this wonderland reveals something unexpected and delightful.

"Schloss Favorite," the royal hunting lodge.

Rapunzel's castle, nestled in the "Märchengarten." (Fairy Tale Garden)

Notice Rapunzel's braid, dangling from the tower.

This magic mirror, when illuminated from behind, reveals Snow White and her seven dwarfs.

Replica of an 1802 carousel.

Entrance to the Japanese style section of the gardens, tucked away in a back corner of the grounds.


  1. wow. i'm not sure if you mentioned this in the last post, but is this kept by the country or privately? because the upkeep must be crazy expensive. i love rapunzel's tower. and that hunting lodge is gorgeous. i also like the picture of all of you in the snow white mirror.

    1. Sarah, I **think** it's government owned now. Honestly, I'd say the admission/gift shop profits more than cover the upkeep expenses. There are tons of events held on the palace grounds, and it seems to be a busy place year round.

      One of the other castles we've visited (the Hohenzollern one) is still privately owned, and the website states that the admission (which is much cheaper than Ludwigsburg's) completely covers all the upkeep costs.

  2. This place looks amazing, and so whimisical! fun fun fun.


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