Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Things I'll Miss About Germany: Schlossgarten Schwetzingen

My first visit to Schlossgarten Schwetzingen (Schwetzingen Palace Gardens) was in January of this year. There wasn't much greenery back then, but I could tell these gardens were a special place, and I promised myself I'd go back to see them again in warmer weather.  A couple weeks ago, Kyle and I rounded up some friends and went to see what I missed the first time. I am so very glad we did, because it was fantastic! The gardens are massive, much larger than I originally thought. Hidden behind endless rows of perfectly pruned trees, shrubs and flowers are incredible sculptures, two temples, and a stunning mosque.

After poking around the palace website, I discovered that the gardens were created under the direction of Elector Carl Theodor, and were inspired by the gardens of Versailles. The gardens are made up of two parts, the symmetrical French baroque gardens centered around a large fountain (pictured above), and the English style garden which lies around a large pond at the back of the complex.

(sculptures in the central fountain)

Constructed between 1779 and 1791, the mosque at Schwetzingen's garden complex is the oldest in Germany.  It was built at a time when the Turkish style was popular in Germany, and was never intended to serve religous purposes.  The first real, practicing mosque wasn't built until the 1920s in Berlin. [source Whatever its purpose, Schwetzingen's mosque is stunning.  It glows a warm pink in the evening sunlight, and is particularly beautiful when viewed from behind, where it reflects in a small, calm lake.

We spent three hours wandering through these lovely gardens and still didn't manage to cover the whole complex.  I hope we can take at least one more trip to Schwetzingen to see what else this magical place has to offer.  I am going to miss having such wonderful sights within my reach, for sure, but I feel so very lucky to have experienced the beauty of the Schlossgarten at its peak.

Other Things I'll Miss About Germany:
Paradeplatz and Vogelstang See


  1. Everything is so beautiful. Gives me the travel bug! Your hair looks gorgeous too, btw. =)

    1. Thank you! It really is a stunning place. And also, as a girl who's hair was a frizzy mess for the first 2/3 of her life, I am infinitely grateful for that complitment. ;)

  2. These photos are just breathtakingly beautiful... I'm so impressed!! Thank you for sharing..... I feel like I've come to know Germany through your blog and I would love to go there.

    1. Thanks! I have been so pleasantly surprised by Germany! I never in a thousand years would have pictured it to be so beautiful.

  3. these pictures are amazing. germany has definitely made the list of places i must visit on my future dream backpack across europe trip that i really hope happens thanks to you. also, the fountain of the stag and dogs was totally prophesying padfoot and prongs. nothing can make me think differently.


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