Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Strasbourg Part 6: Petite France

Petite France refers to a region of Strasbourg located at the tip of the Grand Ile (island), where the Ill River splits into many canals that wind through an area filled with beautifully preserved half-timbered medieval buildings (map below).  From the tip of the Ile, you can see the tower of the Strasbourg Cathedral rising in the distance, and admire the many gorgeous bridges spanning the canals.  What I found most striking about Petite France were the colors!  The buildings were all painted in vibrant hues, and while we were visiting flowers were bursting with life.  Everything was adorable. Kyle practically had to drag me away, because there was something to photograph every few feet.

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  1. i would really love to think of a comment that does not include "great pictures!" "it's like a story book!" or "i want to go to there!" but unfortunately my brain does not seem able to get beyond those three thoughts on most of your posts. i apologize for my repetitive comments but it's all very true.

    1. lol! My brain usually gets stuck on "this is a fairy tale" while seeing these things, too. So no worries. ;)

  2. Oh I LOVE this place!!! How cute!


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