Friday, May 4, 2012

Strasbourg Part 2: Strasbourg Cathedral (Interior)

The attention to detail inside Strasbourg Cathedral is incredible, which is to be expected, since the cathedral's construction spanned 250 years.  The chandeliers, stained glass, frescoes and statues surround visitors in beauty.

(base of the astronomical clock)

Below is a video on the history and construction of Strasbourg Cathedral.  The video includes a number of great images, and the last few minutes discuss the astronomical clock housed in the back of the cathedral.

Still to come: climbing the tower,
Petite France, and more.

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  1. i love that clock. and the statues around/above it.

    also, a bit random, but the other day i did some book spine poetry and had a lot of fun with it. a bunch of my friends told me that they didn't have enough books to do any of their own (which made me sad), but i thought that with your great book collection you would be able to do some great ones. i posted some of mine on my blog. feel free to completely ignore this suggestion and spend your remaining months in germany finding castles and cathedrals, but if you ever find yourself stuck at home with nothing to do you should give it a shot.


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