Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spotted on Our Morning Bike Ride

Earlier today we took our bikes out for a ride through Mannheim's Wildpark.  We spotted quite a few interesting things along the way.  Have a look...


  1. Is this park randomly in the middle of town? OK those baby animals.. so cute.. i die!

    1. Oh, no. Luisenpark IS dropped right in the city center, but this park is more like a nature preserve. It's a huge woodland area right outside the city. (Our post is on the edge of it, so we ride there a lot.) It's full of biking/hiking trails, and the animals are kept out in the middle of it all. People come with big bags of carrots and apples to feed the's pretty neat. The giant gazebo is sort of like a hub for all the trails.

  2. the markings on the baby pigs are more what i expect to see on a fawn than a piglet, but maybe that's just me.


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