Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cologne Round 2, Part 6: Lindt Chocolate Museum

The Lindt Chocolate Museum sits on a small island on the Rhein River, just outside of the old downtown area in Cologne.  Its exhibits explain everything you could ever want to know about how chocolates are made, and toward the end of the tour is a large chocolate fountain where guests are given samples of wafer cookies dunked in warm, melted chocolate.

The museum was packed when we toured, and Kyle and I agreed that while it would have been loads of fun for children, it just wasn't our cup of tea.  The chocolate samples were tasty, however, and a few of the exhibits were interesting enough to warrant photos.  The large blue one is a wrapping machine, and the last one pictured is cooling hollow chocolate molds.


  1. i would never have guessed that that blue thing is a wrapper. i'm still trying to figure out how it would work. looks complicated. why can't they just have an assembly line of workers a la i love lucy? (if you don't know what i'm talking about then just ignore the last sentence lol.)

    1. I'm not sure how that one worked either. An assembly line makes more sense to me, too.

  2. how could a chocolate museum not be your thing?! this place sounds amazing.

  3. Ohh, my favourite chocolate is a lindt one, how did I not know that this place existed?! I've been to the Cadbury's world here and that was amazing!


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