Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cologne Round 2, Part 2: Leggo my...Lego?

After some amazing food at the Hard Rock Cafe our first night in the city, we happened upon the Lego Store on Hohe Strasse (the main shopping street downtown). I had never seen a store dedicated entirely to Legos, and was amazed.  If you're in Cologne with your kids, or if you're something of a kid yourself, I highly recommend checking out this store.  It's full of life sized Lego statues, and there's even a Lego creation station for the kiddies to explore.  It was a fun break from the many historical sites and tours Cologne has to offer.


  1. That store looks like SO MUCH FUN! And how adorable is that VW bus? I can't believe your husband is not wearing a white t-shirt. hahaha!

  2. we have a lego store in one of the malls here, but it looks like that one is way bigger. i don't remember any lego statues in ours either, but i haven't been there in a while. my brothers and i used to go to the creation station and make little lego versions of ourselves. there's also this screen thing that, when you hold up a box of legos, it shows what it would look like when it's built. i'm not sure if that made sense or how to explain it really, but i always thought it was really cool.

    1. Sounds neat! I'm sure there's a Lego Store near where I grew up, too, and I've somehow missed it. It would have been so much fun as a kid!


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