Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Italian Buttercream, Mastered (Kinda)

2012's New Year's Un-resolution number five was to "Master Italian Buttercream."  Check.

This was my second attempt at Italian Buttercream.  My first attempt failed miserably, and this one almost followed suit.  While attempting to halve a recipe, I forgot to halve the sugar. Thankfully a little extra butter made this come together alright, and a little orange extract helped tone down the crazy sweetness.  In the end, it wasn't too shabby.

Making these could have went more smoothly, but I'm pretty sure I could whip up the frosting without even bothering with the recipe next time.  And that's close enough to "mastered" for me.

Do these look good enough to eat?  
Grab the cupcake recipe here,
and the buttercream recipe (+1 tbsp orange extract) here


  1. those look great, and the liners are awesome. also, i had the opposite problem a couple of weeks ago. i was making two batches of peanut butter cookies and forgot to double the sugar until some were already in the oven.

    1. Oh no! Halving and doubling recipes always throws me off. Most of the time I write out my recipes with measurements for both whole and half batches so I can't get confused, but this time I was reading the recipe right off the computer screen...

      I hope the rest of your cookies came out okay!


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