Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cologne Part 3: Around Downtown

Cologne is by far one of the most beautiful cities I've visited.  Everything is bright and colorful, and from what I saw, very clean and well kept.  Above and below are some vibrant facades overlooking the square that accommodates an open air market in the warmer months.

During our walking tour our guide pointed out the tower of Cologne's Rathaus (like a Courthouse/public records building).  Most of the original tower was destroyed by bombings, but some of the original stones were used in the reconstruction, and some of the statues that adorn it were salvaged as well.  The statues represent important figures of the city.

Fun fact:  every hour on the hour, the carved face beneath the clock sticks its tongue out at onlookers, extending once for each hour that has passed.  Adorable!

Another point of interest on our tour was the building below -- since most of the city was destroyed by bombings (and time) it's rare to find a place that's in its original state.  This building boasts the oldest standing facade in the city, the bottom level having been constructed in 1643.

Below is the Hohenzollernbrücke, stretching over the Rhine River.

Still to come:
another impressive cathedral
and a fountain with an interesting story.
{Part 4}


  1. that tongue sticking out clock is hilarious. the city looks beautiful. and really empty (like of crowds and traffic).

    1. It's really funny that you say that... These photos were taken early in the morning, before many people were out and about. Later in the day there was a gigantic protest march through the city, and you could barely move through the crowd. ;)

  2. Very pretty pics! We missed the clock--will have to go see that!

    1. When you go next, the clock is on the back side of the tower. I took the photos of it from the Market Square. :)

  3. Carrie - what fantastic shots! I love that you are sharing more these days, the visuals of your overseas adventure. Germany is indeed mystical and beautiful -- looks like something out of a story book. Thanks for taking us along for a glimpse. I hope life is treating you kindly girlie!


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