Sunday, January 8, 2012

Speyer Cathedral and Downtown Area

Last Friday a few friends and I drove down to Speyer to see the Cathedral and do some shopping.  (We also made a stop in Schwetzingen to tour the palace and gardens, but that's another post.)  The weather wasn't at it's greatest, but we still had a great time and managed to get a few good photos.  The town was still all dressed up for Christmas -- lights still strung and trees still adorned.  There was even a Christmas Market in full swing for Three Kings Day, and I was more than happy to munch on one last steak sandwich for this holiday season.

Fun facts:  Construction on the cathedral began in 1030, at the bequest of Emperor Conrad II, and took 80 years to complete.  Measuring 133 meters in length, it is the largest example of Romanesque architecture in Germany.  If you're interested in the cathedral's history, you can read about it here and here.


  1. These are absolutely fantastic photos Carrie.. wow!!

  2. Great photos! I know little about Speyer--it looks beautiful!

  3. Gosh, does this bring me back to my Romanesque & Gothic Art History class circa 2001! Awesome that you got to see something I have only ever read (and written) about!

  4. It's funny that you say that! Every time we see a new cathedral my head starts swimming in glossary terms from my Art History courses in college. ;) If you ever get a chance to see Germany (or any part of Europe), take it! There's nothing in the states to compare to the beautiful architecture and history here.


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