Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mannheim Christmas Market

The Christmas Market fun continued last night when we explored the market in downtown Mannheim.  Everything was so gorgeous!  Here, have a look:

Wandering markets aglow with lights and filled with laughter, browsing for gifts, sampling treats and sipping hot cocoa...I could do this all year long.  These markets need to become traditional in the states before we move back!

What's your favorite part of the holidays?


  1. Oh my.......the jewelry and chocolate shop were my favorites! I could spend hours in the jewelry/silver shop! Do you see in the lower left corner in that case the boy bent over backwards? Do you happen to have a closer shot of that piece? Am I seeing it right?

  2. I hadn't noticed, but I think you're seeing it right. If you click the photo it will show up in an image viewer. Then right click it, and select "open in new window/tab," and you'll be able to zoom in. That's the only photo of that case I have.

    There were a lot of strange sculptures in that booth. There were little buddha figures, and Egyptian gods, and a couple statues of Shiva.

    The jewelry was gorgeous...so many unique pieces! There were a lot more jewelry booths too, but not all the vendors allowed photos.

  3. We have German inspired Markets over here, so maybe they would take them to the US too :) I'm glad to see that they do actually look like the ones we have here as well, I was worried it had become a bit of a gimic.

    Hurray for the holidays :)

  4. All of it looks so amazing!!! That candy looks sooooo good!!

  5. This is SO cool... how fun to be able to go to these!!

  6. JMO - I've had no fewer than four skewers of chocolate covered fruit and two small bags of candied nuts. Everything is delicious.

    Rhianne - I can only hope!

    Holli - The markets are amazing! So far we've only been to these two, but we're hoping to see another on this week or next. :)


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