Monday, December 5, 2011

Heidelberg Christmas Market

Last Saturday we took the tram to Heidelberg to browse the Christmas Market with some friends and their munchkins...erm...I mean kids. Heidelberg's month-long holiday market is exceptionally large, covering five squares of the old downtown area.  Booths sporting Christmas decor, handmade crafts, pottery, and novelties line the streets, and the whole city seems to be glowing with Christmas lights.  Of course, there are tons of vendors offering tasty treats as well.  I sampled more than my share, among which was a hot steak and onion sandwich, a paper cone of "pommes" (fries), organic dried apple chips, warm candied cashews, and a skewer of chocolate covered grapes (they were better than you'd think).  There was even a carousel and a miniature train ride for the kiddies.  The trip was a lot of fun, and well worth the hour of travel.  I can't wait to peruse a few more markets this year.

(The munchkins slept through most of the tram ride.)

(Heidelberg Castle, illuminated, from a bridge near the market.)

(Kind of blurry, but this one captured the storybook colors well.)

(So many teapots!!)

(I purchased my apple chips from this adorable little bakery.  Everything inside was both organic and vegan, as well as locally produced.  It was also pretty darn scrumptious.)

(These giant star lamps were everywhere!  So pretty!)

(I'm not sure of the story or tradition behind German Christmas windmills, but they're gorgeous.  
Traditional Gluwein was sold beneath this gigantic one.)

(Beautiful, but expensive!)

(This teensy tea set was precious, but at 20euro, a little too sweet for my tastes...)

(We took a break for crepes.  Seriously, who can resist?)

(The ice cream shop where we bought our crepes was adorable.
I especially love that chandelier!)


  1. i feel stupid saying this, but i honestly didn't think people made clocks like that anymore outside of cartoons. and the market looks amazing. glad you're making the most of your time over there.

  2. lol. Apparently they're extremely popular over here. They're certainly cute, but very very expensive. I think they're hand carved, or something, because the price wouldn't be justified otherwise.

  3. This is so cool! We have a little German christmas market in downtown Chicago every year and it's my favorite thing to go to! This, obviously, takes the cake though!

  4. Carrie, those pictures are so nice, and I have one of Germany's hand crafted coo coo clocks. It has a terrific sound. All that food looks so gooooooood.

  5. I love the Christmas markets of Europe!! I have only ever been to the ones in Italy and England but Germany is suppose to have the best. How fun! My parents also have one of those clocks - they bought it in Germany one year. It's very cute and still works 20 years later!

  6. Um... is it okay if I vicariously live through you?

  7. Lexa, I'd never even heard of a Christmas Market before moving here, but I'm in love with them! This will definitely rank high among the things I'll miss about living in Germany.

    Courtney, pfft. You don't want to do that. There are a lot of boring days between blog posts.

  8. I'd eat a gallon of peas in one sitting for something to blog about... :P

  9. Hi Carrie!

    I'm a military wife new to Germany (who is ostensibly from Kentucky, lol). Dh works in Mannheim, but we live south of PHV (that's all part of the "Military Rants" you speak occasionally of, lol) I'm really enjoying reading through your blog! You are giving me some great ideas of things we want to see and do while we are in Europe.

  10. shaibaer:

    My husband lives in Mannheim, but works in Heidelberg. I can sympathize. ;)

    Glad you're finding some ideas here! If you have questions about living in Germany (or just want to rant about how unorganized the Army is over here), feel free to shoot me an email. I'd be happy to help if I can. :)


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