Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Things to do when your husband disappears for a week:

1.  Take your legwarmers for their first adventure.

2.  Buy a new teapot.

3.  Make a blackberry cobbler.  (Recipe to come.)

4.  Get all dressed up for no apparent reason.

5.  Let a rabbit explore your house.

6.  Realize that your dog is so fluffy you can't see his eyes.

7.  Find a friend for said fluff muffin, and puppysit.  (Everyone, this is Clyde.  Clyde, this is everyone.  Clyde is staying with us until Friday.)


  1. you look pretty all dressed up and how amazing is that teapot!

  2. Thanks! :) I love the teapot! It was such a random find, too. It was in a little housewares shop, surrounded by candles and table displays, and the only teapot in the whole place.

  3. I love the tea pot and you are absolutely beautiful.

  4. You look gorgeous! Love the bunny pics... I seriously want one... LOL

  5. hi,im abbie from
    you're so sweet and cute :)
    reading your blog inspired me alot,i feel it's so great to be able to be married to the man of our life as early as 20. I'm 20 too,but in my country,Malaysia normally we dont get married so young. I'll enjoy all the moments during our courtship now. :)

    feel free to read my blog and leave some notes for me too ya. have a nice day, xx


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