Friday, September 2, 2011

My Bucket List, Take 3: The Birthday Edition

September marks the countdown to my birthday.  (Thirteen days left!)  This year we're celebrating by making a day trip to Cologne to cross a couple more items off my newly updated bucket list.
  • climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • see the Mona Lisa
  • see the ocean on both coasts of the US
  • go bungee jumping
  • meet Stephenie Meyer
  • meet JK Rowling
  • publish my novel...and have it on the best-seller list
  • meet my great-grandchildren
  • save someone's life
  • bake a cake from scratch...from memory
  • have a library with super-tall bookcases
  • try sushi (it has more to do with being brave than with a desire to try the food)
  • see the northern lights
  • live in a city
  • solve my own problem
  • make a perfect score on every assignment in one class
  • fall asleep under the stars
  • read the Bible from cover to cover
  • learn to change the oil in my car
  • find a pen pal from another country (snail mail)
  • pet a zebra
  • travel in England, India, Mexico and Greece
  • go shopping and buy everything I want that day
  • run 5 miles without stopping, slowing, or tripping and falling
  • always color-code my closet
  • drive a race car
  • acquire a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt from a foreign country
  • memorize the recipe for pancakes
  • stand at the edge of a volcano
  • learn to make home-made pasta
  • finish college, and then grad. school
  • submit a postcard to PostSecret
  • make my way through a cookbook Julie Powell style
  • leave a lock on the Hohenzollernbrucke

Have any of you been to Cologne?
Do you have suggestions for the day?
And who has a bucket list??
Leave links to your own bucket list in the comments below!



    Check mine out! My birthday was a couple days ago - Sept 1 - Happy Birthday Month!!


  2. Thanks for commenting and following!!! I love new followers! I have been reading your blog since probably a week into your feature on Blog of the Day. Love your adventures - you are one brave girl!!!

  3. i don't have a bucket list, but i love the idea of one.
    looks like you have some really great things on your list!

    happy (early) birthday!


  4. Yes, I have been to Cologne several times and you can check my blog for references.

  5. Melanie here! I enjoyed this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog. MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com


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