Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hi, I'm Carrie, and I Am a Teapot Fangirl

So I have a thing for teapots.  I can't pass a thrift store or antique shop without doing a quick run through to check for teapots lurking in dusty corners, and I have an annoying habit of scanning the backgrounds of movies and TV shows to try and catch a teapot hiding on a shelf.  For example, note the teapots here:

There are also a lot of teapots hiding in the set of Desperate Housewives, and Alice: Madness Returns is a teapot addict's dream land.  Just so you know.  But that's not what this post is about.  This post is about the two new teapots that came in the mail for my birthday.  (Thank you, Courtney!!!)

Aren't they pretty?  I love, love, LOVE them.  My collection has grown so much!  My first ever teapot was a little purple one I discovered in a second hand store in Kentucky, and since then I acquired a total of thirteen, plus one mini tea set from Polish Pottery.

Do you collect anything?


  1. I love teapots too! I have the exact same telephone booth teapot too. When we lived in England it was like teapot lover's paradise. So many beautiful ones floating around. I don't really collect anything but I do love a teapot!

  2. Aw!! Gah! This is almost as good as being there to see you open them. I collect a few things, but mostly I love hunting treasures for my loved ones. This is why Ryan has 50-something energy drinks, 30-something Zippo lighters, and a nearly complete comic book collection.

    Not to mention, why 4 of your 13 teapots came from me... :)

    The harder something is to find, the more determined I am to find it. I think I get a natural high from the hunt or something.... lol.

  3. Also, does you favorite teapot depend on your mood? I'm like that with my trinket boxes. Memories are tied to each one and it just depends on who I'm missing the most.

  4. They're so beautiful! What a lovely birthday present =]

  5. I collect teapots, too--can't resist them. Yours are lovely!

  6. they are so pretty, my mum just got me a yellow teapot and I love it :)

    I collect cameras, oops and thomas collects records, our house is full of both!

  7. do you ever actually use the teapots or are they just decorative? i got two teapots from my grandma as wedding gifts. one's actually a gorgeos english tea set and the other is a book one because i'm a book addict (you can see it here: i used to collect fortunes from fortune cookies, but i've started to stop. also, books.

  8. I love your collection (and seeing as I'm not that bothered by teapots that's definitely good!). The only collection I really have is my fairies - I have quite a few now, and I also collect anything fairy related so I have a stack of fairy books. That reminds me, I kind of collect books too...

  9. Sarah, they're just for looks. I really want to invest in a usable one though.

    Tamara, when I was a kid there was a store in my hometown that sold miniature fairy figurines. I have about five or six from that line back home in storage. ;)

  10. You might enjoy this pin:

    by the way - are you on Pinterest?
    If you are my name is KCamello or Harbrcottage (no r)
    one or the other I'm not actually sure


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