Tuesday, August 16, 2011

J'adore Paris (Part II)

After our quick sightseeing tour, we headed back onto the bus for a trip to the Latin Quarter for lunch and an hour of marveling at the magestic Notre Dame Cathedral.  This is probably the place I most feel that I cannot justly represent through photos.  The cathedral is so huge and beautiful, and stepping through the doors you can feel the weight of so many years of rich history.  

Notre Dame was commissioned by Bishop Maurice de Sully in 1106, and was one of the first structures to make use of flying buttresses.  The Bishop was so unsatisfied with the current cathedral, Saint-Étienne, that he had it demolished, removed several homes from the site of Notre Dame and constructed a new road in order to transport the supplies needed to build the massive new church.  Construction began in 1163, and Bishop de Sulley dedicated most of his life to the process.  The cathedral was not effectively complete until around 1345.  Since then it has undergone countless alterations and restorations, and narrowly avoided utter destruction in both the aftermath of the Frech Reveolution and the bombings of World War II.  Multiple coronations and royal weddings took place here, as well as the cannonization of Joan of Arc.  (Fun fact:  I also found a wikipedia article about a pack of man eating wolves that were lured into the city and finally killed outside the cathedral gates.)

The two last photos are of the little streetside cafe where we got a quick lunch.  It was directly to the left of the cathedral.  I never learned the name of the place, but the little take away box of spaghetti was amazing, and my caramel crepe was even better.  The whole meal cost 11euro, which is pretty cheap by the city's standards.

Still to come:  A very French dinner, a boat ride down the Seine, the photos from my trip up the Eiffel Tower, and a collection of random street shots.  Stay tuned! 


  1. i think this series of posts is such a great idea. the cathedral looks gorgeous. it amazes me that these beautiful buildings were not only built without any of the modern day building conveniences, but also that they have held up so well. and that spaghetti looks delicious!

  2. I love that you're not smushing everything into one post. It makes it so enjoyable to go through these little segments of your trip like we're there with you =] You take beautiful photos.

  3. oh gosh, we're going next thursday and your photos are making me SO excited about it :)

  4. what camera do you use??? I was so sad that I got really crappy pictures inside notre dame because of the lighting but yours are gorgeous!

  5. Rhianne: I was kind of hoping we might run into each other. lol. I hope you have a great trip too! I can't wait to see how your photos turn out!!

    Anna: It's just a little digital Canon Power Shot. I think I just got really lucky.

  6. Thanks Jen! I took more photos of Notre Dame than anywhere else -- I was trying really hard to do it justice. It's just SO beautiful in person. I hope that when I go back I have a really nice camera (my fingers are crossed for one for Christmas this year) and more time.

  7. I am loving these posts.... what a breathtaking trip!


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