Monday, July 25, 2011

Bringing Home Baby Brinks (And also a bit about Creuzburg's Werrabrücke and Liboriuskapelle)

320 miles and 580 Euro later,
we are happy to introduce to you...

...Brinks!  Our adorable little maltipoo just turned two months old today.  He cost an ungodly amount of money, and housetraining him is beyond frustrating, but his big baby eyes and cute squeeky bark make him very much worth all the trouble.  I mean, just look at him!  He is so freaking cute!

We picked him up two days ago in Creuzburg and took him on his very first adventure there, exploring the Werrabrücke and Liboriuskapelle (the Werra Bridge, and Chapel of St. Liborius).  From what I gather via Wikipedia and various tourist signs, construction started on the "new" (current) Liboriuskapelle in the early 1500s.  In 1520 an artist named Kunrad Strebel of Rotenburg decorated the interior with painted frescoes depicting the lives of St. Elisabeth and Christ, and on September 1, 1523, the Carthusian monk Albert of Kempton preached the Lutheran doctrine there for the first time before large crowds, prompting many of Creuzburg to convert to the Protestant faith.  However, in 1528, the Peasants' War reached Creuzburg; the frescoes were painted over and the chapel was closed.  The chapel underwent many changes over the years, notably the addition of stained glass windows in 1840 by Grand Duke Carl Alexander.  The original frescoes weren't uncovered again until restoration during 1932-38.  Then on April 1, 1945, the city of Creuzburg was occupied by American troops and both the chapel and bridge were badly damaged.  It took a decade for these damages to be repaired.

It would have been nice to know that little chunk of history when we visited Creuzburg, but my German is only as good as Google Translate allows.  Our discovery of these landmarks went a little something like, "Hey, Kyle, pull over.  That looks pretty!  We should take Brinks' picture up there."

So what were you guys up to over the weekend?


  1. squueeeeee, you have a puppy! and he's adorable!! :)

  2. Love these pictures and oh my god how cute is Brinks?? :)

  3. He's too cute. I can hardly bring myself to scold him for anything. Chewing on my favorite shoes? It's just so precious. Stealthily peeing behind the sofa? His guilty face is adorable. Eating my turkey sandwich before I can? He does it cutely.

    This is an impossible situation.

  4. AHHHHHHHHH SO CUTE! And absolutely gorgeous pictures, as always! I'm so jealous of you living in Germany, it looks soooo pretty.


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