Monday, June 27, 2011

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

And by "Carmen Sandiego" I mean me.
And by "the world" I mean the blogosphere.
Seriously, where have I been?

Doing a whole lot of nothing much in Mannheim, that's where.  But also doing a whole lot.  Simultaneously.  I'm going to handle this quick catching up in bullets, as I feel it will be most productive.
  • Kyle turned 21 on June 12th.  The day really should have gotten a post of its own.
  • For his birthday I made a double batch of dirt cake, which we took to an impromptu gaming party at the barracks.
  • The dirt cake lasted all of ten minutes.
  • During my hiatus I watched a lot of movies.  The list includes Super 8, Hanna, Pirates of the Caribbean IX, Your Highness, and X-Men First Class.  I enjoyed all of them.
  • I also read a lot of books, bringing my total for the year up to a whopping 34.  The list includes Alice Bliss, Passion, Divisadero, Lament and Ballad, The Forever Queen, Water for Elephants, and an assortment of sugar-filled cook books.
  • I spent an enormous amount of time on Goodreads.  Do you know about Goodreads?  If you don't you should.  And if you do, you should add me to your friends list (but please aslo send me a message to let me know you came by via carrotspeak).
  • I finished all five seasons of Dexter with the husband.
  • I made some incredible post-wedding wedding ceremony plans.
  • I discovered that we won't be in Kentucky on the day we wanted to host our post-wedding wedding.
  • I decided that rescheduling a bit never hurt anyone.
  • I also decided that the Army is pretty stupid 90% of the time.  And by "stupid," I mean inconvenient.
That's pretty much it.

Except that somewhere in there I had another particularly good hair day:

And except for installing a window unit air conditioner thingy.  We did that too.  Because there is no central air in our apartment building, and southern Germany gets H-O-T in the summer.  Fun stuff, I assure you.

What have you been up to, my lovelies?
And also, if you enjoy the comforts of central air,
take a moment to truly-madly-deeply appreciate it.
If you do not, I feel your pain.


  1. Cute hair!! I love it.... I'm on Goodreads of course and wasn't Super 8 awesome?!

  2. it's so good to come by your blog again! don't hesitate to visit me- and i hope you get this message!

    your carmen sandiego title grabbed me...i love her and aspire to be her when i grow up! lol

    have a wonderful day!
    love me
    the globetrotting gamine

    (blogger dislikes me! waa)

  3. Cute picture!

    Having had an ex in the Army, I agree. It can be very inconvenient. But what can you do?

    Never heard of Goodreads, but it looks great. I'm going to have to check it out.

  4. Nice to see you again Carrie -- and how cute you look. Soon enough you'll be home to Kentucky to celebrate your marriage with your loved ones. Enjoy your summer - and btw, I am enjoying your posts on Good Reads.

  5. awesome title! i used to love that show/game/whatever else it was. i feel like doing nothing/everything in germany is a lot cooler than doing nothing/everything anywhere else. i've been meaning to get on goodreads forever now, but just know that if i do i'll spend way too much time on it. also, good luck with all the post-wedding-wedding plans! i've been swamped with my own wedding plans lately (it's next freakin wednesday. eek!) and so can totally relate. anyway, good to see an update from you. :)

  6. Wow! You've read so many books! That's great. I'm a big fan of goodreads. I just finished season 4 of Dexter and need to catch up. Welcome back!

  7. Oh Carrie, you make me laugh! Guess what, I'm moving again soon so I'll have to give you my new address before you send your next letter. Hopefully you should have received mine a while back :) Great to see that you are keeping yourself busy!


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