Thursday, April 28, 2011

Calling All Carrotspeakers!

Hey guys!  Exciting news!  The resort that Kyle and I went to earlier this month is having a competition, and the prize is a free two night stay.  Contest is open to families who have been before, which means we're eligible!  Contestants posted photos to the resort's facebook page, and the photo with the most "likes" wins.  After a grueling day of voting, Kyle and I are in the lead, but just barely.  We need your votes! 

And since I would never ask you to do something without a reason:  If we win, I'll host a double giveaway on my blog.  Two winners (who voted for us) will receive a surprise thank you package.  It will be something nice too.  If I get a nice prize, so do my readers!  What do you say, deal?

To vote, first like the resort's facebook page, and then like our photo entry.  You must like both for your vote to count!  I know we can win this with your help!  So get going carrotspeakers!  The deadline is 5pm Germany time tomorrow (11am in the eastern USA). And remember, prizes are on the line!

Help send us back here!
And hey, if any of you guys need internet tallied votes, I'm your girl.  That's what my email is for.

UPDATE:  We came in third place.  Even though we didn't win, I am extremely grateful for all of your support.  Thank you guys so much for the huge amount of votes you contributed!  And no worries, we're still planning a second trip this fall. 


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