Thursday, March 10, 2011


Compromise is necessary to survival marriage.  Case in point:

Husband will make sure his clothes stay in the laundry basket. long as I make sure the laundry basket stays in the living room.  (Uniforms don't last more than thirty seconds after passing through the front door.)

Somehow, I feel like I gave up.  However, as long as I don't have to run around the house for thirty minutes prior to laundry time, my pride doesn't care so much.


  1. Get yourself an antique wood or art-deco laundry hamper and call it even.

  2. I agree with Postman. That sounds like a really good idea that can be really adorable. Like a vintage wooden trunk that's big enough to fit the laundry basket in, just stick the basket in there and he can open the lid and toss, while still having the house look pretty.

  3. Sometimes it's all about compromise... and that is a GREAT suggestion from Postman!


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