Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Am

[cute getting-to-know-me post inspired by M.R.C. Just Me]

I am...Carrie Kindred -- baker, blogger, brunette, world traveler, short order cook (to a picky husband) and sometimes cleaning lady.  You know, when I'm not too busy ranting to you people.

I want...American 110V outlets in my apartment.  Do you know how many of my appliances have been rendered useless by the crazy 220V European ones?  Do you?  More than ten.  My kitchen weeps in despair.  (My hair, however, loves it's new flat iron.  So I can't complain.  Too much.)

I have...five more hours until husband is home and the weekend (an actual weekend!) begins.  Husband is hardly ever home on actual weekends.  Mostly we have weekends on Tuesdays.  It's terribly inconvenient.

I wish...Bobby Franklin would grow a brain.  Or resign.  Or be attacked by a honey badger.  (It's the night-shift induced sleep deprivation talking on the last one, I'm afraid.)

I hate...APO mail.  I also wish we had a normal address.  Even if it did mean we'd have to pay international shipping.

I fear...three words that start with the letter "d."  Bonus points to whoever guesses them first.

I hear...that everyone in blogland has a new baby.  Seriously.  Like, everybody.  (i.e. Megan, Naomi, Natalie, Steph)  So many tiny fingers, tiny toes and adorable nurseries!  It's like baby-palooza exploded on my reading list.  In a good-ish way.

I search...for teapots.  At every opportunity.

I wonder...if anyone has actually calculated the number of licks needed to reach the center of a Tootsie-Pop.  What with all the commercials, you'd think it would have been done somewhere.  Like maybe by Russian scientists.  Maybe?

I regret...  I really don't regret. 

I love...when my silly husband sings along to Ke$ha/Katy Perry/Pink while we're becoming hopelessly lost trying to find some castle I googled.  (He's going to murder me for this.  If I don't post for a while, you'll know why.)

I ache...for more adventures.  There is still so much of the world I haven't seen, so many things I haven't done, and so many restaraunts that need to be sampled.  Wait, what?  How did food make it in that list?  Alas, my true colors emerge.

I always...check my facebook, blogger, and goodreads accounts as soon as I wake up.  In that order.

I usually...brush my bottom teeth before the top.  But sometimes I get a little crazy and switch it up.

I am not...a patient person.

I a fool.  Seriously.  It's bad.

I sing...along to Glee.

I never...fall asleep in the pitchblackdark.

I rarely...get truly angry.

I cry...infrequently these days.  But when I'm sleepy, I'm a big baby.  Just FYI.

I am not always...organized.  My normally color-coded closet is in disarray, and the laundry I put in the dryer 24 hours ago has yet to be taken out and folded.  Oh, procrastination, my old friend.

I glasses, house key, camera, and ID on a daily basis.  Husband gets annoyed, but he shouldn't, becasue he does it too.  And 99% of the time, I'm the one who knows where his stuff is.  (But not my own.)

I am any form of math.  It's a miracle when I efficiently balance a checkbook.

I need...a cat.  For lonely stuck-in-the-apartment-on-night-shift purposes.

I should...go get the laundry from the basement.  But chances are I won't.


  1. Death, divorce and deployment :)

    One of the kiddos at school was counting licks on her Tootsie Pop at lunch the other day. She was up to 115 before it was time for recess.

  2. i was thinking death and divorce but couldn't think of the third. i'm gonna stick with robyn's though cause it sounds right. my sisters and i would always try to count the licks, but halfway through we'd get bored and just resort to sucking on it. also, i always leave my laundry in the dryer and when i actually take it out it sits in the basket for days before i actually fold it. i abhor folding laundry. anyway, this is a great idea. i love it.

  3. hey Carrie - I'm a longgg time lurker and not-too-frequent commenter, but I saw this post on another of my daily reads today and couldn't help but think of you!


  4. I like your blog. May I guess your fear of 3 words that start with D? Death, Divorce, and Dumbness-I mean Disease?

  5. I have an internet routine like that too! I usually check facebook, twitter and then my mail in that order.

  6. Wow! You guys are seriously good guessers. I'm impressed. But Robyn takes the cake with "death, deployment and divorce," which I accredit to us Army wife girls thinking alike. ;)

    Robyn: Your student is impressive. I would never have the patience to get to 115 licks.

    Sarah: My laundry still hasn't made it out of the dryer.

    Mon: Thank you, thank you! :)

    JMO: I've kind of forgotten about my twitter... I'm thinking about deleting it altogether as I neglect it terribly.

  7. Alyssa: Oh wow! Thanks. :) That is an adorable teapot.

  8. I often leave laundry in the dryer for days at a time. . . In fact, I can't remember the last time I actually folded a whole load. I always get distracted somehow. So you're not the only disorganized one.

  9. i suck at math too. i declared myself an arts person from the minute i had my first math lesson (;

  10. I like math and art! Am I weird or what. My paintings are at:

    and my math is at:

  11. This was fun! I'm always on the hunt for teapots, too, often to my husband's dismay.

  12. My fiancé leaves his washing in the machine for days and then gets surprised when I tell him that his clothes stink (he doesn't have a dryer so he should be hanging them up but is too lazy to bother and leaves all the clothes in the kitchen).

    I was going to guess the same 3 D's and I think most girls are afraid of the first 2 Robyn mentioned, I certainly am...but my last one would actually be disease as both cancer and heart problems run in our family :(

    PS: I hate math but I'm also crap at art :(

  13. Super lovely blog you have here!


  14. death, departure, divorce?? I only say departure because my brain totally left me and I forgot the specific word the military uses for making soldier leave??


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