Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Facebook 30-day Challenge

Anyone and everyone with a facebook profile has been posting photos for the 30-day Challenge.  There's no way I'd dedicate thirty days to a facebook challenge, but I will totally dedicate thirty photos for my readers.

1.  A picture of yourself with fifteen facts:

August 9, 2010; Mannheim, Germany
  • I am almost always that pale.  I actually don't mind so much anymore.
  • I read more than your librarian.
  • Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.
  • I could win an herb-roasted potato eating contest, if they existed.
  • I have no sense of balance whatsoever.  Our Wii Fit is exasperated with me.
  • I'm a proud subscriber of Good Housekeeping Magazine.
  • There are only three pages left in my current journal.  This is a miracle, as I NEVER completely fill a journal.
  • I named our new truck Napoleon.
  • I prefer Scrabble Upwords to the original Scrabble.
  • Audrey Hepburn is my role model.
  • Dandelions are my favorite flowers.  The puffy white kind.  Yes, the one's you think are weeds.
  • My signature is never going to be as pretty as it was before I was married.  I had nineteen years invested in the perfect "y" loop.  
  • I have so many pairs of gorgeous high heels.  Most of them have never been worn.  (Refer to fact #5.)
  • I desperately need to find a craft store in Germany.
  • I'm one of the .01% of American girls who cannot stand the sight/sound of Justin Bieber. 

2.  A picture of you and a person you have been close with for a while:

October 7, 2009; AFI Concert, Cincinnati, Ohio
Fact:  I'm pretty sure Courtney introduced me as her sister-in-law once before her brother proposed.

3.  A picture of the cast from your favorite show:

Cast of Glee -- image source

4.  A picture of a habit you wish you didn't have:

If only hair twirling were an olympic sport. -- image source
According to my mom, I've been a hair twirler since birth. Only back then, when I was practically bald, I twirled hers.

5.  A picture of your favorite memory:

August 8, 2010; Mannheim, Germany
The day we saved the slugs on our trip to Viernheim was one of the best days I spent in Germany last summer.  Nothing monumental happened, but it is one of the few times I can remember that Kyle and I were just happy together -- not worrying about the move or getting married or how complicated it was to start our life together.  We were just happy. 

6.  A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day:

Sue Sylvester
Some may wonder, "Why would I like to spend a day as Sue Sylvester?"  I'll tell you why.  So that when challenged, I could quickly retort with statements like this one:  "I will go to the animal shelter and I will buy you a kitty cat.  I will let you fall in love with that kitty cat.  And then, one dark cold night, I will steal into your house and punch you in the face." 

Beyond witty criticism and clever threats, Sue Sylvester is the only creature on the planet that can rock a track suit 24/7/365 without a single raised brow.  The fear of Sue Sylvester is that awe inspiring.

7.  A picture of your most treasured item:

This is the quilt my great-grandmother made for my wedding gift.  She completed it years ago, and gave it to grandmother to give me, fearing that she wouldn't live long enough to do it herself.  (She only missed it by an inch.)  The pattern is called "around the world."  Every square (each about two square inches) is handstitched.

8.  A picture that makes you laugh:

June 2010; Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg, Germany
This is my {I am trying to be mad at you.  Make a good show of being concerned for your well being.}  face.  This ineffective expression is further reason to change places with Sue Sylvester.

9.  A picture of the person that has gotten you through the most:

June/July 2007; Thank God We're Seniors Now Party, Irvine, Kentucky
Kyile (left) and Christina (middle)
Kylie has been my friend since the fourth grade.  I think that entitles her to a place in this category.  She's been around  for everything.  (Which, she'll tell you, involves some very ugly t-shirts on my part.  And which, I'll tell you, also includes some American flag themed capri pants on her part.)

Christina doesn't even count as my friend.  Chris has been like my sister since we met in sixth grade.  (Back when she had a perm and I had no idea what a hair straightener was.)  She was and is my support system.  She was the first (and only for a while) person I confided in when my mom discovered she had cancer, and the morning Kyle left for basic training I found myself crying like a baby on her doorstep with only a vague recollection of driving there.  Her house was my second home during middle/high school, and to this day we've never had an arguement.  (Or at least not one important enough that I can remember it.)

10.  A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with:

Brianne (left) and Hannah (right); August 15, 2009, at my engagement party
Brianne:  Sometimes when I'm driving really fast on the interstate, I get the urge to pull the emergency brake and see what happens.
Carrie:  Me too! 
Brianne:  Let's make a pact. If we're still alive when were eighty, we'll try it and find out.
Carrie:  Agreed.

Hannah:  Want to go stalking with me?
Carrie:  Stalking is like, our thing now.

11.  A picture of something you hate:

image source
Ew. Ew. Ew. Ewwwwwwwwwwww.  This Post Secret card makes me SO happy I didn't have a dorm with community showers.

12.  A picture of something you love:

teapot collection as of January 2011

13.  A picture of your favorite band or artist:

image source
What?  Not the kind of artist you were thinking of?

14.  A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without:

August 13, 2009; en route Kentucky after Kyle's BCT/AIT Graduation

15.  A picture of something you want to do before you die:

image source
I must see a sunset over the ocean.  Actually, I must see the ocean.

16.  A picture of someone who inspires you:

Laura Hillenbrand -- image source
The subtitles of Hillenbrand's newest novel Unbroken say it is story of "survival" and "resilience," but another example of those traits lies in her own experiences.  The obstacles she has overcome in her career, and life in general for that matter, are enormous, and her perserverence and success are inspirational.
Hillenbrand suffered a relapse of the chronic fatigue syndrome that has ruled her life for more than two decades. From 2007 through the summer of 2009, she never left her house; for some of those months, she never left her room. Her relationship with Flanagan was pushed to its limits.

But all the while, she was calling people she was too weak to visit, and e-mailing the people she was too weak to call. She was requesting newspapers from archives and scanning forgotten POW lists. She was finding a guy who owned a clunky Norden bombsight and persuading him to set the contraption up on her kitchen table so she could understand how soldiers accurately dropped bombs during World War II. "We spent a while," she says delightedly, "bombing Phoenix."

Last week, after nearly a decade of laboring, Hillenbrand's second book was released - a biography of the Olympic runner whose dreams of breaking the four-minute mile were smashed by a plane crash and an unspeakable stay in a Japanese war camp. It is called "Unbroken."  -Monica Hesse for The Washington Post
 17.  A picture of someone who has made an impact on your life recently:

Jacey Eckhardt -- image source
Jacey Eckhardt is the author of The Homefront Club, a sort of guide-book for the overwhelmed but persistant military wife.  I read it last summer while I was going through the hellish process of getting married in Germany.  Her book had a huge (positive) impact on my attitude toward military life, and I recommend it to new military spouses practically every chance I get.  Recently, after a series of coincidences, she ran across my blog and sent me a lovely email, which made me feel a little bit like a rock star.

18.  A picture of your biggest insecurity:

image source
Fact:  Even though my jeans are a single-digit size for the first time since my freshman year of high school, and I generally feel pretty darn good about myself, I still have days when I look in the mirror and see an extremely distorted image of myself as the fat lady at a circus.  I think we all have these illogical insecurities though, about one thing or another. 

19.  A picture of you when you were little:

Summer 1992?; Irvine, Kentucky
Yes, those are dandelions.  They were even my favorites way, way, back in the day.

20.  A picture of somewhere you'd love to travel:

Reading As Always, Julia, a collection of letters between Julia Child and Avis DeVoto, isn't helping me get over my infatuation.

21.  A picture of something you wish you could forget:

September 28, 2009; St. Louis, Missouri
Watching Kyle leave at the St. Louis airport has been the single most miserable moment of my life so far.  That whole last morning together was bittersweet.  Still, I don't know if I would really want to forget it.  I don't think I want to forget anything about our journey. 

22.  A picture of something you wish you were better at:

Summer 2009; en route Gatlinburg, Tennessee
I desperately need to be a better driver.  Three serious accidents in four years is not a good record.  But speaking of the record, it does show that one of those accidents was not my fault.  Proof:

Summer 2008
Kylie (who gets extra gotten-you-through-the-most points for this incident) and I were stopped at a traffic light when some moron slammed into us, nearly pushing my poor car (named Clara) into the line of traffic.  He didn't even tap his breaks.  We were very lucky.  The moron was lucky, as I refrained from scratching out his eyes.  This incident happened approximately two days after I got my car back from being repaired from another accident that was completely my fault (in which I hit an inanimate object, and endangered no one but myself).  Poor Clara did not recover.

23.  A picture of your favorite book:

image source

24.  A picture of something you wish you could change:

image source
There's a little too much color in that map, wouldn't you say?

25.  A picture of your day:

image source
Fact:  That is not me in the picture.  But it's crazy how much that looks like my bed/bedroom.

Thanks to Kyle's night shift schedule, this is how I spend my days.

26.  A picture of something that means a lot to you:

August 15, 2009; Engagement Party, Irvine, Kentucky
Mine and Kyle's engagement party meant the world to me.  It's the only time in my entire life that nearly everyone I love was in the same place.  Plus, you know, we got engaged

27.  A picture of yourself and a family member:

Thanksgiving 2010; Maternal Grandparents' home, Cob Hill, Kentucky

Thanksgiving 2009; Paternal Grandparents' home, Wagersville, Kentucky

28.  A picture of something you're afraid of:

image source
Fact:  If I didn't have to be pregnant, I wouldn't mind having a dozen children.  I think motherhood really is a wonderful gift.  But!  I absolutely dread the thought of being pregnant.  Maybe that will change later.  I hope so, but I'm not so sure it will.  I've wanted to adopt my babies since I was practically a baby myself.  Both because I would cherish the opportunity to give a child in need a home, and because I have no desire to gain 20 pounds, stretch marks, back pain, insane cravings, a new wardrobe and battle labor scars.

29.  A picture that can always make you smile:

Summer 2009; outside Kylie's old house, Ravenna, Kentucky
Reason 1:  Location.  Half my favorite high school memories happened here, at Kylie's old house.
Reason 2:  Wardrobe.  Gotta love the Team Jacob pride.
Reason 3:  Timing:  This was taken as we were leaving for our Gatlinburg vacation.  Going to Gatlinburg in the summer of '09 is my favorite trip anywhere to date.  Mostly because of the company.  But also because it was the first time any of us had been out on our own.

30.  A picture of someone you miss:

September 26, 2010: Kylie & Brianne's apartment (affectionately called "Big Daddy"), Richmond, Kentucky
I miss my best girl friends!  Though I've made a plenty of new acquaintances, and even a few new friends, nothing replaces a best friend.  There is no one I can be more honest with, and no one who understands me more.
What would we do without our women friends, who often hold it together for us when we can't hold it together on our own?  ...However happily married you are (or aren't), whatever satisfaction you get from work (or don't), however fulfilling (and frustrating) parenting is -- you need good friends.  They fill a role in life that nothing and no one else does.  -Rosemary Ellis, Editor-in-cheif of Good Housekeeping Magazine; August 2010


  1. Carrie Lannette, you are a doll and I miss you more than I can say. Let's face it, you've pretty much been my destined sister-in-law since day 1. :D

  2. Thanks for sharing - loved peeking into your life and there were so many points that I can complete connect with.

  3. I love love love your blog! Get started writing your book little lady. Love you bunches.

  4. What a cool way to get to know you. I wish I could go to Paris too!
    I would love to change Public Education and make it better, and my favorite book is The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    thanks for the pictoral essay of your favorite things. cool idea!

  5. Brenda: Thanks! I haven't read The Hunchback of Notre Dame. My only experience with the story is the Disney movie. (Which was pretty dark, for something directed at children.) I'll bet the book is a good one though.

  6. gah while reading through this there was so much that i wanted to comment on, but the comment got way too long. i cut it short, but i am not the biggest fan of "great post!" comments, so i felt like a hypocrite leaving one. compromise: one comment for every picture. (sorry if this turns out to be a mammoth of a comment.)
    1. i love scrabble, but don't have the best memories with upwards. maybe i should give it another chance?
    2. i am obsessed with your shirt in this picture. i want it.
    3. can you believe that i have not watched a single episode of glee? i refuse to start until after i catch up with the old ones but never get around to doing that.
    4. i used to chew my hair all the time. i stopped around early middle school, though, which was good cause it was gross.
    5. i love how a picture of a slug reminds you of the best day of your summer.
    6. not having seen glee, i dunno how much weight my opinion has, but from commercials and whatnot, sue sylvester is already on my list of totally awesome fictional characters.
    7. when my older sister was born, my mom hand made a quilt for her. she got halfway through mine and then stopped. this one is beautiful.
    8. lol. just lol. oh, and i'm jealous of your hair.
    9. i love when friendships start in grade school and last till after graduation. it's one of my very favorite things.
    10. i love how you're gonna wait till you're eighty to try this. also, i have a stalking friend too!
    11. ew ew ew.
    12. i think your tea pot collection is seriously the most awesome collection i've ever seen. they're so pretty!
    13. best. response. ever.
    14. you look gorgeous in this picture.
    15. you've never seen the ocean? the ocean is one of my favorite things about life. you must see it.
    16. i had never heard of chronic fatigue syndrome before this. i must google it.
    17. i think if any of the authors i read/like read my blog/contacted me, i would just die. pure and simple.
    18. this has been me lately, though i've recently reached the heaviest weight i've ever been at instead of the opposite. eating healthy, here i come. or, i would be if chocolate wasn't so good. :/
    19. aww you were such an adorable child!
    20. i think i'm one of the few people that does not want to visit paris. i've never really been a fan of it, but i hope you get there soon.
    21. i had a conversation a few days ago about whether you would want to forget/change your worst memories, and i don't think i would. it just makes the times after so much better.
    22. poor clara :( (also, i love how you name your cars. i name everything i own, too!)
    23. i read jane eyre in ninth grade and fell in love. it was really the book that got me into that whole time period.
    24. i agree.
    25. i haven't slept in past six for months. sleeping with the sun is now a foreign concept to me.
    26. this picture/post was a little after i had started following you. i still aww at it.
    27. when i saw you with your mom's family, i thought you looked so much like them. but then i thought the same thing with your dad's. now i'm confused as to which side you resemble most.
    28. i have a friend who has been dying to get pregnant since we were in elementary school. she doesn't want the kids, just the pregnancy. i fall somewhere between you two.
    29. i liked jacob more, but thought bella and edward should be together.
    30. true, nothing replaces a best friend. that's why it's great that with all the technology available now, you don't have to.

    sorry this is so long, but it is the shortened version.

  7. I loved seeing these small glimpses into your life. This is obviously a great and exciting time for you and it looks like you are really enjoying it. I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  8. oh, and :O you changed the header!

  9. Sarah: Omg. I feel like I've been hit by a busload of awesomeness. lol. Thanks!! Now. Yes, give scrabble upwords another chance. It's my all-time favorite board game. Go get the first season of Glee RIGHT NOW. Just go ahead and buy it. I never recommend that to people about TV series, but I do about this one. It's amazing.

    No one can decide which side of my family I look most like. It's a little ridiculous how well balanced my appearence is to both sides.

    I hadn't heard of chronic fatigue syndrome either until I found that article. It's apparently a horrid horrid disease to have. :/

    I went to the ocean when I was in second grade. I don't remember a thing about it except that I was too afraid to go in the water. We went during prime jelly fish season in North Carolina. You couldn't take two steps on the shore without almost stepping on one. I need another beach experience.

    I think Bella and Edward belong together too. I think picking a team is less about who Bella should be with, and more about who you would be with if you were in her shoes. About which future you'd want for yourself: Living in perfect bliss with Edward but losing everything else you love; or being with Jacob, being only slightly less happy, and getting to keep it all. I couldn't handle seeing my whole family die.

    Also: Yes, I changed the header. I thought it was time for a something new... Post coming about all the changes I'm making here very very soon.

    Mary: Thank you!! :) It makes my day when you drop by.

  10. I just now found this post.
    I am so glad I am not the only one scared to death of being pregnant and having my own kids one day. I love kids. A lot like you though, I've always been pulled towards adoption.


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