Friday, January 7, 2011

Learning to Swim

I remember how it felt sitting by the water:
fishing poles propped on twigs,
toes plopped on grass,
and my tiny hand in your bigger one.
I remember how we felt,
when the reel spun and my pole ran for the edge
and you let me pull it back in.
All on my own for the very first time.
My heels dug in the dirt.

I remember how I felt standing by the water,
a little bit bigger but feeling so small.
Heart fluttering, skin squirming and fists tight--
not budging for anyone.
I remember how it felt,
when cool water rushed over our feet,
and I clung to your legs
and you pulled me back in,
my ankles covered in sand.

I remember how it felt lying by the water:
leaving everything to wait, relaxing with you,
our laughs littering the air like
the breadcrumbs scattered on the embankment.
I remember how we felt
when we swapped our secrets--
a lie for a lie and a truth for a truth.
The sun made us carefree and
our palms were stained with grass.

I remember how it felt sitting by the water.
You gave me an inch and I took a mile.
You gave me your hand
and I gave you my heart.
I remember how we felt
riding home in your car,
not different and not quite the same,
just beginning to trust,
shoes and jeans caked with mud.

I'll remember how it feels running through the water,
going and leaving and choosing with you.
You'll give me the world
and I'll give you my smiles.
I'll remember how it feels
as the water drips
slides over my nose
and lands on your lips
for one quick kiss in the rain.

Last year in my creative writing class, one of our assignments was to write a "stolen line" poem.  The piece had to feature a line from a well established poem, but transform it to fit our own work.  We could drop one grade in the class, and this was the project I chose to skip.  In the off chance my professor ever finds this web page, here it is, probably the latest assignment ever completed.  

Reader bonus points to the teenage/myage girl who first names the source.

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  1. I know this probably isn't it but I feel like the line comes from the Taylor Swift song "mine." But that was probably too recent a song for the class :/

  2. Heartwarming Carrie! Lovely imagery ... so happy to have you back in my updated posts reader.

  3. Anna: Bonus points to you! Kyle bought me "Speak Now" yesterday, and I actually just wrote this last night. ;) I loved the line and it reminded me of the assignment I never completed.

    Lyn: Thank you! I'm very happy to be back there.

  4. This was very nice to read watching the sunrise this morning.

  5. Julie: One of these days I'll wake up that early... I'm envious of morning people.

  6. Reading that made me want to be a kid in the summer again instead of in this cold hell!
    Great blog! I will be back again!

  7. taylor swift was the first thing in my mind when i started reading this. it's really great.

  8. Taylor Swift!
    This is an adorable poem. I absolutely love it. =]

  9. GlamorousArmy: Thanks so much! Glad you stopped by. :)

    Sarah: Absolutely. And thank you!

    Lexa: Thanks!

  10. I feel like I'm a victim of age discrimination :-). I really enjoyed your poem, Carrie. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  11. Mary: No discrimination intended, I just figured the bulk of Taylor Swift fans are probably in my age range. However, it's awesome if you're one of us too! Thanks for stopping by! :)


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