Friday, January 14, 2011

Discounts! Get your discounts!

Apparently the folk over at Overstock think carrotspeak readers are pretty awesome.  They've decided to give you lovely people a code for a 10% discount on any order, excluding only books, movies and electronics.  The promo code never expires, and can be used one time per email address.  It's a pretty sweet deal when you consider the wide range of products Overstock has to offer.  You can find anything from apparel to furniture on their site.  Even water heaters, odd as that sounds.

My favorite part?  The customer reviews.  Almost every product has a decent amount of customer feedback, so you always know what the chances are of being pleased as punch with your item.

Personally, I'm considering using my discount for these lovely pearl lotus earrings.  I mean really, aren't they gorgeous?

If you're still reading this, I'm a little worried about your shopping skills.  Here, have a code: ?121745?

If any of you plan to shop electronics, I also have a code for free shipping on electronic items:  202234

Disclaimer:  All the ideas and opinions expressed are my own. No monetary compensation was received for doing this post, however, I was provided with a discount code.  

The image above is credited to, and the source can be found at the link above.


  1. Thanks Carrie! I was actually on my way there to look for a bike rack. They're excluding books? They don't read your blog do they?

  2. Haha. Apparently no more than was necessary to get my email address. ;)

  3. Hey Carrie, I just wanted to say thanks a bunch for coming by and for your comment today =)

    I also totally love those earrings! Fabby fabby!!

  4. Hey, no problem. I think "Stop being lazy about commenting." has to be one of my New Year Resolutions... ;)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I love those earrings! When I first saw them I whispered "Oh wow..."



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