Friday, December 31, 2010

One Last Post for 2010

As of today, I have spent a month in my new home.  I am having trouble finding a way to describe what it has been like.  The first week or so was peaceful.  None of our belongings had arrived yet, either via the movers or mail.  There was nothing to organize or put away.  But there was a place to put all the things that were coming, and that was an incredible feeling.

A little later things arrived and we began to fill in the empty edges of our apartment.  Pictures were hung, furniture was bought, dishes were stuffed into cabinets.  The place took shape and we found our places in it.  (I only like the left side of the couch when we share it, and the right while Kyle's at work.  I always take the side of the table that's closest to the kitchen, and much to Kyle's dismay, I always end up in the middle of the bed.)

Christmas... I blinked and it was here, and blinked again and it was gone.  It was a perfect first Christmas.

Mostly it's the little things that are memorable.  Like the way I propped my feet up on the dash on the car ride home from the airport the first day.  Or how Kyle hated my sofa, so I let him pick out a leather chair to go with it.  It's the fact that we made our Christmas tree out of cardboard because we couldn't find a decent artificial one.  The way Kyle calls a "slice" of cake a quarter of it.  And how our biggest argument has been about where to put my bookcases. There are four.  (Kyle:  "You can't put them all right there, it's going to look like a library in here."  Me:  "EXACTLY!"  He would have preferred a shrine to our 52 inch television that he managed to procure for free. But that's another blog.)

But today is the last day of 2010.  Tomorrow is yet another "new beginning," and that calls for some New Year's Un-Resolutions.  By definition, "things I can't call resolutions, because resolutions are NEVER met."  So without further ado, the list of things that are NOT reslolutions:

1) Go to Paris.  Sure, this may seem like a Bucket List item rather than an un-resolution at first glance, but that's before you take into consideration our current proximity to Paris, and the amount of persuasion it requires to get my over-worked (and therefore usually exhausted) husband to do anything that requires leaving our teensy little post.  (Let me tell you, it's not easy.)  So, going to Paris is about way more than seeing the Eiffel Tower (and the Louvre and Napoleon's Tomb and Notre Dame and the Orsay Museum and the Arc de Triumphe...), it's about breaking out of the shell, trying new things.  It's about actually taking on that adventure I've been ranting about since my blog began.  Anyhow.  I really want to go.

2)  Come up with a reasonable financial plan.  This encompasses budgeting a monthly savings; figuring out why the German phone company refuses to send us a regular bill in the mail/let us view our statements online (yet another blog...); finding a source for things like vacation money, my future tuition bills, the car payment I'm sure we'll end up with since Kyle's fallen in love with a Prius, etc..  In all likelihood "The Plan" will be a catalyst for me getting a job.

3)  Apply (and be accepted) to UMUC to finish my degree.  I won't forgive myself if I become a complacent housewife.  No matter how perfectly complacent I may be at the moment...

4)  Find a friend.  Not that I don't have any...  It's just that I don't have any official friends, you know, in this country.  And it's kind of important for women to have friends.  We have this inherent need for girl talk and shopping trips and chick flicks and a certain portion of gossip with our conversation.  And by "we," I mean "me."  So, I need a friend.  (Any takers?)

5)  Get a cat.  I don't think I've fully unveiled the tragedy of Max the Cat to you yet.  Max the cat was supposed to stay with my roommate when I left for two and a half weeks in Germany this past summer.  As you all know, that two and a half weeks somehow turned into four months due to unexpected obstacles.  So Max had to find a cat sitter, who after a month or so with him became fed up.  The only other person willing to take him couldn't keep him indoors.  And we all know a cat who has seen the outside (for an extended amount of time) cannot be made into a house cat again.  So Max the Cat now lives on a sunny farm in Kentucky, where he spends his time chasing lizards and munching happily on Meow Mix with other kitty playmated.    (Yes, AFTER I'd spent something in the area of $200 in preparations for him to move to Europe.)  I really miss the little guy.  But it couldn't be helped, and Max is well cared for by a close friend.  So I'm once again in need of a feline companion.

6) Read all the books I put on my 2011 reading list.  I HATE not finishing a goal.  Just look how sad the 2010 list is...

And, that's about it.

Guten rutsch ins neue jahr! 
(Yes, I got it from Google, because nothing from my German class stuck.)

PS -- In case you're wondering, the answer is "yes."  Yes, I am actually back.  :)