Monday, November 22, 2010

One week to go, guys!  My Thanksgiving rush starts in just three days.  I have a different place to celebrate every day until Sunday after Turkey Day itself, and then it's time to go home.  Simple as that.

Since it's going to be such a rush this week I wanted to take a moment to send you lots of holiday love and well wishes.  :)  Hope it's a great one, and I'll see you on the other side...  You know.  Of the world. 


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Aloha, readers.  It's been a while.  Let me being by saying that I am exhausted.  Every single one of the days I've been away from cyber-land have been filled to the brim with 2 parts work and 1 part play.  I've accomplished a lot and am happy to announce that I have done everything on my "work" to do list except one:  buy my plane ticket back to Germany.

My social security card, drivers license and two bank accounts now bear the correct name.  The old apartment has been cleaned out.  I turned in my keys today.  About an hour ago, actually.  The movers came last month to whisk all our things away to a far off land filled with castles.  Everything they didn't take has been mailed via USPS (or at least it's in boxes waiting to be shipped).  I've made more phone calls and ran more errands in the past five weeks than in my entire life, but it's been worth it.  Now I can do nothing but relax with my family and friends until Thanksgiving. And after that I'm flying away home.

On top of that, my incredible-amazing-super awesome friends have been keeping me entertained with fun things.  They bought me tickets to two concerts, one comedy show and a movie premier while I was away.  It's been wonderful to be back with the people who know me best. Every minute that hasn't been spent moving/sorting/organizing/cleaning/slaving away is kind of blurring together into one big memory bubble of laughter.  My planner is full of events they've coordinated right up until Thanksgiving week.

Kyle has been busy too.  While I've been clearing out my old place he's been setting up our new one.  He picked up the keys to our apartment yesterday.  I really couldn't be any more relieved.  I was afraid it would take forever to get our on post housing.

So what does all this mean?  I don't know.  I guess what it means is that things are finally BEGINNING.  I finally have a home of my own to go to when I leave Kentucky.  I'm about to step into that future I've been planning and blogging about for so long.  And most importantly, I feel ready for it.  All of this work and waiting has changed something about my life outlook, dorky as that sounds, and it's most definitely for the best.  I'm not intimidated by the thought of going away anymore.  I'm just excited.  For all of it.  I'm anxious to be there, making new friends and trying new things  I'm ready to decide what I want for myself and leap back into school next fall.  I'm thrilled with the prospect of Kyle and I coming home for a month next summer.

More than ever, I'm sure this was the right decision, and the confidence that comes with that feeling is incredible.