Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bringing in the New Year with All the Bells and Whistles...Seriously

Germans are hardcore when it comes to celebrations.  I come from a town so small it doesn't make it onto most maps.  The only thing people from my home got excited about was...well...  We have nothing that compares to even the most minor of German holidays.  Living in Germany feels like living in the middle of a pep rally.  Everywhere you turn someone has a vuvuzela and something to cheer about.

So this New Year's Eve was one for the books.  Kyle and I drove to Frankfurt to watch the fireworks burst over the river.  About fifteen minutes before midnight literally everyone started pouring out of their homes with wine glasses and explosives in hand.  The whole city lit up at once.  The street turned into a festival in a matter of seconds.  It was like nothing I have ever experienced.  People above us were shooting bottle rockets out of their windows and I would wager something was being lit every fifteen feet (if not closer) on the street.  Sure, it was a total fire hazard.  But it was a beautiful fire hazard, and that has to count for something.

I would definitely call it the my best New Year's Eve memory.  And wouldn't you know, we forgot the camera...  However, with the power of Google & YouTube I am able to give you something to help your imagination.  This is the section of river we were overlooking.  Focus intently upon the mid-section of this video.

It was a perfect night.  Just to top things off, Kyle decided to sing Lady Gaga at the top of his lungs on the way home.  And while he'll probably kill me for telling you, I think it's worth it...  :)


  1. Happy New Year!
    being close to DC, i'm pretty sure there were a bunch of places to see big celebrations last night. i chose instead to sit at home watching tv and not even the ball dropping (boy meets world reruns, anyone?) with my sister. i did hear a couple of fireworks, but that was about the extent of the partying i attended. glad your first new year being married was awesome.

  2. First off, Boy Meets World is the best show ever. ;) Second, all that matters is that you had a great time. And with Cory and the gang I'm sure you did. lol.


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