Monday, October 11, 2010

A Whole New World

Being home feels strange.  Driving down streets I used to know like the back of my hand, I'm struck by more changes than I expected.  In the four months I was away, my best friend from high school has had her second child, my little brother learned to play the trombone, my favorite childhood park has ceased to exist, my tiny hometown got its first health club gym, and my dad found a new girlfriend.  I'm on the outside of most inside jokes, and having to take cliff notes versions of the summer's funniest events.  The world's best Mexican restaruant has new menus, and The Twin (a landmark drive in restaurant in my hometown) changed its "secret sauce."  That's epic, considering that everything in that place hasn't changed since The Twin first opened decades ago.  I mean, they don't even have cash registers yet. 

I couldn't be any more disoriented if I'd been dropped on Mars.  As I type this (from my old roommate's new apartment) I can't help but wonder what ELSE is going to be different when I come back next time.  If four months has done this much, what will another seven do?

Amid the chaos of getting to know everything all over again, it has been a blessing being back with my family and friends.  With no job and no classes to worry about, it's a 24/7 visiting spree.  I've been bouncing from house to house swapping stories and making up for lost time.  It's greart.

The only problem is, as I'm making up the time here, I'm losing it back in Germany with Kyle.  I wish there were a way around feeling like I'm missing something no matter where I am.  I guess the only thing to do is live it up as much as possible in whichever country I find myself in...try and enjoy what I have while I have it.  Still.  It's not easy having your family spread onto opposite sides of the world. 

Anyhoo, I'm back in Kentucky until after Thanksgiving as of now.  Plenty to do, and tons of people to see.  I hope that those of you who've been waiting out my crazy hiatus are happy and well and enjoying the beginnings of what is shaping up to be a beautiful autumn.


  1. i missed seeing new posts from you on my dashboard!

    i'm glad you're enjoying kentucky, and have an idea of how you feel about missing out. all of my cousins and aunts and uncles live on the other side of the world, and so every summer we spend 3 months with them catching up on everything we missed during the year. jokes/phrases/whatnot that were used the year before are exchanged with new ones that grow on us over the few months only to be replaced by new ones the next year. people grow up so fast and change so often, that a lot of the time it feels like i've missed a lot more than nine months. and then when i come back to the states, i've obviously missed out on everything happening with friends over the summer. you learn to get used to it, though. and the good thing is that we almost have celebrity status after being away for so long and usually manage to stay out of all the petty drama that circulates the family.

  2. Well welcome back. I can't imagine how weird it must feel to be back with all those changes. I hope you get used to it soon!

  3. Sarah: I totally see what you mean about having a celebrity status. My grandma introduced me to a bunch of her friends as "Carrie, my granddaughter who's been to Europe." In our small town it translated to: "Carrie, the girl who had lunch with a king." I'm sure you can imagine the hoard of questions that sparked. ;)

  4. Welcome back to the States! We've missed you blogging.
    I can't even imagine how hard it has to be to readjust to everything at home. You'll be able to keep your connections with everyone, and try not to worry about your dear hubby, you'll see him soon enough! Enjoy your time with your friends and family before you can't for another 7 months.

  5. I'm glad you're having a great time being able to visit with family and friends! Enjoy it!

  6. I know that feeling!! When I moved away to college everything changed!! Even now living back at home, my childhood homestead has changed so much! What was once a quiet town is now being built into a mini city. It's a little depressing. I too feel like I miss out on things all the time!! My fiance is livin up in NH (about 2 hours away from me) for the next month or so. So im always feeling like I'm missing something with that. You will get used to all the changes though. It just takes some time!! And you will have a lot of places to call home! Good luck with it all! Enjoy your time home!

  7. Welcome back to the states! I know how you feel. I was never away from home for as long as you, but after even just a month away, coming back home always felt weird. Enjoy it while you can though!

  8. you are the young great writer.. can i marry you carrie?

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