Monday, August 9, 2010

Wandrings of a Not-So-Lazy Sunday, or, Getting Lost in Veirnheim

Today we decided to go for a walk.  Originally, we were going to walk to a very pretty lake, but we got a little lost.  (Kyle disputes the word "lost," but as we never made it to our destination and didn't really know where we were at a few points, I think it fits.)  Anyhow.  This is what became of our day. 

First, meet Mr. Slug Bug:

[NOTE:  Mr. Slug Bug is approximately three inches in length.  Which I would deem GIGANTIC for a little slug.]

Mr. Slug Bug and quite a few of his friends were crawling around in the middle of the bike trail we were walking on.  After discovering a squished member of the Slug Bug clan, I decided something must be done, and Kyle and I proceeded to Save the Slugs.  One by one they were scooped up into an empty McDonald's cup (or prodded onto a stick) and kindly relocated to a shady spot on the side of the road.  When all was said and done, seven Slug Bugs escaped an untimely and unfortunate demise. 

After all the slugs were safe and sound, I discovered my dream home.  Isn't it just perfect? 

[NOTE:  I am 99% sure that we had already taken a wrong turn by the time I found above dream home.]

After a half hour or so we lost all hope of finding the lake and proceeded to wander around the city aimlessly, which is how we found what is quite possibly the most amazing playground in the entire world.  Kyle made good use of the...whatever you call this thing:

[NOTE:  Though this was a lot of fun for us, I think it's a safety hazard for kids.  That's a gravel pit you're looking at, folks.]

Anyhow, it was dark by the time we made it home.  (Which didn't occur until after a German-McDonald's trip, thank you very much.)  So as no one could see anyhow, I did a very dorky and cliche thing and found a flower for my hair just outside of post.

All in all, a very successful trip.  :)


  1. Yay! What a good trip and a good story. Glad you saved the slugs!

  2. It sill looks like you guys had a fun trip. Very pretty photos I might add!

  3. that house is gorgeous!! and the slug was actually kinda pretty, like the pattern on it.
    and i dunno about mcdonalds in germany but in the middle east they're a lot more high class than in the states. that and pizza hut. i always find it hilarious.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. I love the dream home!!!!! LOVE!

    BTW, your above comment that you deleted. I get those all the time. Where do they come from? I report them as spam but i still get them... just sayin! Never saw that on another blog before & thought i'd ask!

  6. wanderings are my favorite. in fact, i plan to wander almost every day this week! hopefully i have nice photos like yours to share!

  7. Melissa: I have no idea! They drive me insane though. I just picture some little troll sitting at a desk in a cave with a laptop, scouring the internet for blogs to spam. :/

  8. Hello from CoL! Beautiful photo's Carrie, especially the snail and the house. The flower colors just Pop!


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