Friday, August 20, 2010


I have been here for so long, but honestly it doesn't feel like it's been more than a week or two.  The days fall into a pattern and blur together.  Most of my memories are just a jumble of watching countless movies while Kyle's away for some ten hours every day, filling out reams of paperwork and waiting around for one thing or another.  And reading.  I've done a lot of reading.  I think I'm up to...thirteen books, now?  Only a few things really shine.  It's not an entirely bad thing though.  What little time we get to spend together is comfortable and happy, if brief and mostly unremarkable.  It beats the socks off being four thousand miles apart at any rate.

We're still on hold for housing, and still too broke to send me home.  As things stand, whenever I make it back I'm staying until November 30th, and then making what I've come to think of as "the big move."  I have hit a point at which I don't really care what happens next so long as something happens.  I want to either be back home in the states or in a home that's mine.  I am beyond tired of camping out in other people's homes here.  Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful.  It's just...I want to be surrounded by OUR things.  I want to make us dinner without feeling like I'm intruding in someone else's kitchen.  It's exhausting, being a guest for this long.  

However, there are some upsides to the situation.  It's giving Kyle and I much-needed time to readjust to each other.  We're rediscovering how we fit:  learning how to live together without stepping on each other's toes, and figuring out what we enjoy doing together.  In all honesty, most of our time together back home was spent with friends and family, and while we've been apart, we've learned to live alone.  We have a very limited number of hobbies and activities that we can both agree on, but the count is growing steadily, if slowly.  

Still, sometimes I feel like we have accomplished so little in these past months.  We were supposed to have been married and in our own home with a plan to get me back stateside in under a month.  His unforgiving and annoying schedule proved that to be impossible, and now almost an entire summer has passed by and things STILL aren't underway.  I have to constantly remind myself that a few months isn't as long as it sounds like.  Shortly we'll be un-stuck from this in-between place, and the frustration will not be anything more than a dim memory.  Until then, I feel like banging my head against a wall (that isn't mine).  

I mean seriously?  Is it so hard for the Army to approve our paperwork and get us in a home?  It isn't like housing is limited.  Half the buildings here are nearly vacant!

I don't think this post (or my mindset) has one set emotion/point.  It's all a mess of newly-wed happiness, homeless frustration, and impatience.  Here's to hoping your summer has been more productive than mine, at that autumn brings more welcomed changes. 


  1. Welcome to Military life. The only good thing that came out of Rodney and I planning our fast wedding was the whole being put on the housing list early.
    You should be at the top of the list. Unless someone off base/post has a baby or is pregnant and request a house.

    Don't worry about the whole broke thing. It sucks trust me I know, but it will eventually work out.

    I didn't get to go home until Christmas, but another good thing we had, was planned moving. The Air Force gave us money to move, and we acutally made some off of it.

    Hope things stat to look up!

  2. If I have learned one thing from marriage it's that plans mean absolutely nothing. Nothing! Call it God's Will or whatever. You can plan the heck out of your life, but that plan means nothing in the end.

    The best part of marriage is learning that plans mean nothing - and that rolling with the punches is more meaningful anyway!

  3. Ugh that does not sound like fun at all. We're in the middle of moving and living among boxes and THAT'S not even fun.

    I hope you guys get it figured out soon!

  4. So sorry you are dealing with all that. It is frustrating enough on it's own without adding being overseas! We are in Aviano, Italy right now and feel your pain. Everything does get figured out, you just have to learn that the military does what it wants and you just get to roll with it. Keep your head up, things will work out!

  5. I'm sorry. I understand how it is to just want your own bed. Just think of all the great ways you can spin this to your kids. "I married daddy even though we were homeless." I suspect you'll make it through and then be settled in a home and reflect on that time long ago when you first got married. Like the time my husband and I were so broke all we had to eat was eggs and potatos for a week...every meal. We nervously laugh about that time now.

  6. If there are vacant homes then they should be able to get you in one!! Sounds a little disorganized to me. Unless all of your paperwork didn't get in. My husband took care of all that so I don't know what exactly is involved. Is his LES showing he is getting BAH? I believe that is all housing needs to know you are married.

  7. It will all work out and just know that we're all reading along with you. 13 books, what an accomplishment!

  8. Julie: I lived off eggs and potatoes once too, but it was only for two days during a snow storm. But I agree, I've been focusing on the "this is all going to be a GREAT story someday" aspect of this mess, and it helps. A little. Kind of.

    Robyn: It is disorganized, but the problem is that I have to have command sponsorship before we can be approved for housing. We have turned in all the paperwork. We actually had all of that done in two days, but three weeks later it still hasn't been approved. We keep making calls and being persistent and everyone assures us that they're doing their best, but there still aren't any results to show for it. I know three weeks really isn't a long time, but when you consider how long I've been here (b/c the marriage was so complicated) it feels like forever!


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