Thursday, August 19, 2010

Little Letters

Dear Planters Nuts --

Thank you ever so much for the "NUT-rition; South Beach Diet" blend.  Sure, I'm not a South Beach Dieter, but when you just so happen to put all of my favorite nuts into one blend and put a stamp on the container that says a diet group recommends it, you make Carrie one happy girl.  I am munching on a cashew as we speak.

Your Loyal Customer.

Dear Skype --

You rock.  My friends and I love you.

Continue in awesomeness,
A fan.

Dear Kyle --

Thanks for being silly with me in public today, even though you don't usually like such shenanigans.  I looooooove you.  :)

Forever and for always,

Dear Nightmares --

If you insist upon returning tonight, I will be forced to unleash a team of dream ninjas.  Said ninjas will not be merciful.  I would suggest you stay away.

You have been warned,
Leader of the Ninjas.

Dear Summertime --

Could you please stay forever?

Love, love, love,
The Girl Who Didn't Bring a Jacket to Germany


  1. Don't you just love skype?! I do, I do! Just think, that just means you can go shopping, since you don't have a jacket with you!

  2. i say, you should unleash those ninjas anyway! it would make for great dreams.

  3. So what were you and Kyle doing in public?

  4. Sarita: Playing tag. Among other silly things.


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