Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Leaving Day

It's a strange feeling this morning.  It's like...  It's almost surreal.  I feel like I should be having some kind of profound thoughts, but I'm not.  I just keep thinking:  This is it.  This is it.  This is it.  And other that that, I'm a blank canvas.

My parents should be here any minute to drive me to the airport.  I have nothing left to do to prepare.  The bags are packed, the tickets are ready, and my reading materials have been selected.  All that's left between Kyle and I is one VERY long day of traveling.  I should be arriving in Germany around 4am Kentucky-time.  (Germany is six hours ahead.)  And he should be done working tomorrow's shift around eight hours after that.  So if any of you are as excited as I am, you can do some math and set your timers.  ;)

Whew.  I guess this is really it.  Lots of love guys.  The next time you hear from me (assuming I don't end up stranded in Chicago overnight due to delays again) I'll be with Kyle.


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  2. I have to say Victoria that if you really loved each other in a can't-live-without-you way then you will find a way to be together. I can't imagine being away from my boyfriend either so after uni we are planning on moving in together, splitting up never came into our heads and I have to say I can't imagine it ever will. Saying that I know that we could be apart if we absolutely had to so have nothing but respect for those in long distance relationships.

  3. Yay!!! Enjoy all of your time together! :]

  4. Hope you have safe travels and arrive on time!

  5. Have so much fun and be safe. Love all your pictures!!

  6. Hope you're having/had fun!!!


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