Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy List

Ten things that make me unbearably happy today:

1)  My heels clacking in the office this morning.

2)  My work "inbox" being completely empty since for the first time since last summer.

3)  The scale telling me I'm a full ten pounds lighter (after a few slip-ups), exactly half way to the goal weight.

4)  The insane number of compliments I've received since I had to get glasses.  (What?  You mean I forgot to tell you how I spent nineteen years of my life blind and didn't know it?)

5)  Bright red nail polish.

6)  Dad calling to ask if he could randomly take me out for dinner tonight/tomorrow.

7)  Kyle actually sorting out who is picking me up from the airport when I arrive next week.

8)  The fact that watermelons are finally popping up in the grocery again.

9)  Being nearly finished with Eat, Pray, Love.  It's probably going to make my All Time Favorite
Books List.

10) This photo:

What makes you unbearably happy today?


  1. I'm unbearably happy because I finished my final exam today and I'm no longer a student! Lol. Also I get to see my fiancé tomorrow after 7 weeks apart! :)

    I think some of the things on your list would make me unbearably happy too! :D

  2. Congrats! :) And a big "hoorah!" for getting to see your fiance.

  3. Knowing how lucky I am to get to see Chris every single day.

    And writing - pressing buttons and seeing them form into words on the page is just so awesome.

    Absolutely love the pic x

  4. I just discovered that Netflix has the first season of Bones on my instant stream. And I am officially obsessed. Kind of dorky but awesome nonetheless.

  5. What makes me unbearably happy today?


    The "good morning" texts I got from THREE of my friends this morning.

    Lavender bubble bath.

    When kids go down for their naps and I don't have to play pseudo-mommy for a little bit.

    Chicken noodle soup.

    I'm so excited for you to be seeing Kyle after all this time!


  6. YAY x 10! What an exciting day :D

    I had to get my eyeglasses my senior year of high school. It's an interesting experience, isn't it? Glasses are fun though!

  7. That's so sweet! Your day sounds fantastic. I'm so excited for you to go see Kyle.
    What makes me unbearably happy today is the fact that I painted my nails for the first time in forever and am writing Shakespeare papers while listening to the New Moon soundtrack with my best friend!

  8. yay, you're down to only single digits until you're in germany!! Are you staying all summer? Or is this the permanent move?

  9. Two of my friends meeting each other for the first time and getting along like they have known each other for years :)

  10. Coincidentally, bright red nail polish is one of the things that's making me happy today too. I got a free OPI red nail polish that I am currently in love with and will probably be wearing constantly for the next few months.

  11. 1. I came into my office from a meeting to find a blueberry biscuit from Hardees on my desk.

    2. Ryan put it there. :)

  12. Great post, Carrie! Right now the fact that I had a class get canceled is making me pretty happy, because I finally have time to catch up on all my favorite blogs!

  13. I'm too tired to list my things today... but focusing on the happy things is a wonderful idea. I was pissed finding out my grade just half an hour ago. This post cheered me up, thanks :)

  14. Marie: On the bright side, at least your grade posted. My friend and I had a mythology class this semester, and our professor missed the deadline for submitting our grades. Talk about a hit to the GPA. :/

    It's fixed now, but for a few days there we thought we were going to have to hunt her down.


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