Friday, May 21, 2010

Fill in the Blanks Friday

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1. One fashion trend I really regret is:  two words:  Toe.  Socks.

2. The one thing that always completes any outfit is an appropriate accessory.  Such as the silver hoops I wear on an almost daily basis.  (What can I say?  They match EVERYTHING.)

3. I would describe my personal style as um...  Typical college girl?  Except that doesn't work, because I'm not a fan of oversized hoodies or jogging pants in public.  (NOTE:  Public does not include the car.  Therefore it's perfectly acceptable to go through a drive through wearing either or both of those items.  Oh, how I love to bend my own rules.)

4. My fashion muse is Emma Watson.  Oh, how lovely it would be to look like/dress like/be this girl.

5. If I could own one designer piece of clothing it would be ...If someone were going to give me a piece of designer clothing, (because let's just be honest, that's the only way I'm ever going to acquire one) I don't think I'd even care what it was.  However, I certainly wouldn't mind having this.

6. I would love to raid the wardrobe of   ...I'd like to have a wardrobe people want to raid.  How about that?

7. Today I am wearing:  *sigh  Can this one wait until AFTER work?


  1. Noooo! I love toe socks! But I think I love them BECAUSE they freak out my hubby, hehe.

    I see that countdown =-) It's down to 4 days, yay!

  2. I don't think it's the toe socks I regret so much as the wearing them to school with flip flops when I was a kid. lol.

    And YES! Four days! :) I'm positively freaking out at this point. In a good way.

  3. i used to really really want toe socks, but never actually got a pair. but i love oversized hoodies.

    and yes, being emma watson would be awesome. i love her.

  4. Carrie, I am with you on the silver hoops. I wear my all the time. They are classic- and you are right, they look great with everything.

    I hope you have an awesome time in Germany. Take lots of pics!

  5. Emma Watson is always dressed pretty adorably. lovely blog. :)
    nicole visiting from

  6. Indeed accessory are so important in a look! Oh college girl looks are so lovely!
    Emma Watson is so pretty and stylish! Love her so much!

    Win a Emma Watson dress on our blog


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