Friday, April 23, 2010

What Carrie Wants

I want a week.

A week without anything.

No homework.

No bills.

No deadlines.

No family asking a bajillion questions that I don't have the answers to.

No plans to make.

No cars that fall apart.

No dishes to do.

No appointments to keep.

No work.

Just a week.

A week of quiet so loud I have to scream to break it up.

A week of breathing.

A week of blank paper to fill with ideas.

A week of coffee and muffins from some cozy little coffe shop.

A week of unfamiliar faces.

A week of soft music.

A week of antique shops and book stores.

A week of mornings that start no earlier than 11am.

A week of not worrying.

A week of me.  Just me.  With no one else.

I can resume my do-this-do-that-do-everything-and-save-the-world-from-itself schedule again afterwards.

I think I might book that week (or at least a long weekend) for sometime around mid-August...

Any suggestions of where I should go?


  1. Have you thought of Cape Cod? I spent a few nights a few years ago at these quaint cottages and it was so peaceful. Rustic but impeccable:

    Just my 2 cents worth Carrie. You deserve a break!

  2. Thanks a million, Lyn. :) I'm checking that out now...

  3. The beach :) That's where I would go.

  4. that sounds so amazingly appealing right about now. i agree with a beach... anywhere. the picture made me think about that movie what happens in vegas when cameron diaz says that the day she was really truly happy was when she went to a lighthouse all alone. maybe you should do that.

  5. i could use a week like that as well!

  6. Natural Bridge has some lovely serene cabins. :)

  7. Hey Carrie,

    I think you could really go anywhere, as long as it's different from where you are now... I really think that sometimes all I need is a change of scenery. Use google maps to find out what's close by, maybe a smaller town you've never explored, and hang out for a while... you definitely seem like you need - and deserve- the break!!


  8. I agree! You need a beach. You deserve it!

  9. Hmm, wow, that's a tough one. There are so many nice places to visit and spend time alone. I personally would head to the mountains - I love hiking through the woods alone to calm myself and reconnect with nature and who I am. A nice B&B in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont would do the trick. Good luck - I hope you find something that fits your needs. Time alone away from everyday stresses is super important. Have a great weekend!

  10. When I read this I knew exactly where you want to go. You need to hit Martha's Vinyard. It can be a little pricy but It has everything you just described. I stayed at the Edgertown Inn which has an awesome front porch for reading. There is not one chain restaurant, hotel, or Neon sign on the island. You can go to a vinyard, a wildlife preserve, or the beach if you go at the right time.

  11. Charleston, SC is adorable and classy. And there's a great public beach on the island north of the harbor.

  12. Pigeon Forge, Tennessee! It's 10 mins from Gaitlinburg as well and there's tons of fun things to do in both towns.

  13. Oh the possibilities. Thanks guys! :)

  14. Hey Carrie,
    There's a place in California that I absolutely love, and I dont know if it's in your budget, but it's called Carmel. It's a white sand beach, and it's absolutely beautiful and so relaxing. Let us know what you decide!

  15. I would go to Hawai'i. The place I went to is simply AMAZING especially because it's not very tourist-y, so you can just chill. It's in Kihei, Maui, HI.
    Or you can just cancel all plans, turn off your phone, and drive til you hit the right view =]

  16. I would say go to the beach. So relaxing! And have you seen the movie What Happens in Vegas? Cause that lighthouse picture reminds me of the movie. :P


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