Sunday, April 18, 2010

Max the Cat

Yes, he is awful sometimes.
He turns over the trash.
He chews phone chargers in half.
He sits on the keyboard when I type.
He tears my antique yellow chair to shreds.
He's finicky about his food.
He spills his water bowl.
He refuses to let Brianne and I do crafts in the living room...

But at the end of the day he curls up on my shoulders while I'm blogging
and gives me cute little kitty kisses,
and I know I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I really like cats, but my husband is allergic to them, so we got two dogs instead!

  2. so cute! your max and my max sound very similar, especially when he gets into "cuddle mode."

  3. So are you talking about Kyle or the cat? Hee hee. Funny, they're both red heads. Pets have that great kissy snuggle factor to make you forgive them.

  4. What a cutie-patootie! I'm not sure if I spelled that right but...whatever! I love your cat. And maybe have tiny pangs of jealousy that you have your own tiny, furry, cuddly little baby kitty :-)

  5. Cats are like that, aren't they? They can do all manner of unseemly things to you, and then with a simple rub against your leg or a peck on the cheek, they make it all better.

  6. That's awesome. My cat has chewed through 3 damn phone charger wires. Your cat's cute. Cheers!

  7. This is so freaking cute! I love your cat =]

  8. I just had to say "Awww" when I saw the second photo. He is so adorable.

    And instead of saying that Max is awful at times, you might want to look at his behavior in another light...

    1) Max helps you make sure you don't throw out anything worth keeping by making you go through the trash when you pick it up.

    2) Max is....ok, I can't find any way to make chewing on phone chargers look good.

    3) Max wants to help you address the world by helping you type.

    4) Ok, so I can't figure out how to make tearing up the chair good...

    5) Max lets you know that he has more expensive tastes, so that you'll remember him when you have a few extra bucks.

    6) Max is letting you know that his water isn't fresh enough.

    7) Max is letting you know that your homework needs some more work.

    8) Max is HELPING you do crafts!

  9. awww max is adorable! we travel too much to get a cat (three months of the year are spent overseas and no one wants to catsit that long) but i want a cuddly kitten.

  10. The second picture is adorable! I love cats and would love to have one but I can't because my Mom doesn't like them.

  11. They are just like young children!! He is a real cutie

  12. Julie: I think some of these things could apply to both. ;)

    Sarita: lol. Max and mod podge wouldn't have mixed so well, I have a feeling. But I should totally let him blog for me one day. :)

  13. Sweet! I love the pictures all around the sidebar:) I just started my giveaway I hope you check it out.


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