Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Already?

How did this month slip up on me?  I think I must have succeeded in sleeping my way through March, because now that it's gone it only stains my memory with one giant blur, punctuated by scenes from Spring Break.

April brings all sorts of new horrors:  registering for fall classes I hope I'm not here to really take; beginning the what seems like 10,000 procedures needed for Max to be able to move to Europe with me; sorting through my many boxes of things at my parents houses to consolidate and organize my storage for when I'm gone; telling my mother another million times that no, I don't know when I'm going back to Germany to visit, only that it's in May, and no, I have no idea when the wedding will be; and probably the most terrifying of all, the monthy Open Mic Night at the Hardback Cafe in Richmond's Hastings.

My Creative Writing Professor sponsers the Open Mic Night on the first Thursday of each month, and offers extra credit to students willing to come and participate.  (Note the words: AND PARTICIPATE.)  I attended last month and was completely blown away by the performances.  Some of the readers were incredible.  I did not budge from my chair.

Guess what today is?

Today is the first Thursday of April.  I have to go and read something tonight.  I am petrified.  Sharing writing with people I cannot see is one thing, but reading it to an audience is another entirely.  Stage fright and me are like peanut butter and banana sandwiches; I don't like either pairing at all, but it seems to be way of the world.  Wish me luck and courage, please.  If any of you are in the Richmond-ish area and would like to come witness what will probably be my humiliation, the event starts at 7pm.  I'll be the deathly pale, and probably shaking, girl in the corner.

Oh, how I wish this were an elaborate joke.  : |

I can be bold.  I can be bold.  I can be bold...


  1. Good luck Carrie! I know you're nervous (I would be too) but you are an amazing writer, and I bet you'll blow everyone away with your work too! :)

  2. You are sooo talented! It's not like people will boo you. Good luck sweetie! And try to take April one day at a time =]

  3. I'll talk to Mom. We might both be there, and Ryan will be off work at 7pm. We'll just make it a family event. :) I can bring something to read too, if that would make you feel better?

  4. Hope April brings you nothing but happiness!

  5. You can do it! April is the best month (my birthday's the 4th, lol)!!

    Just close your eyes, breathe, and pretend you are typing. :]

  6. Courtney: Probably not a good idea. I mean, I appreciate the thought, but if someone I know is there I'm going to be all the more petrified. :(

  7. Break a leg!

    Speaking as a performer...the audience wants you to succeed! They out there thinking "she can do it she can do it she can do it!"

    If possible, you might want to go early in the evening. I find that being one of the first few to go can be helpful if I'm nervous.

  8. How did it go? <3

  9. It went a lot better than I thought it would... One person even came up to me after and said they really liked my stuff. :)

    How did your day go?

  10. My day was kind of rushed. I didn't get any sleep last night. Literally, I stayed up with CQ watching old movies like: Batman Forever, Brothers, and Donnie Darko. Around 07 I put the specific alterations to my Class-A's. While doing so my Team Leader and Squad Leader approached at a rapid pace and shouted to get into PT's as soon as possible. Apparently there was supposed to be a PT test before the board. We arrived late in Heidelberg. By arrived late I mean, we drove up as everyone was leaving the track to get back on post. So, we dawned our Class-A's and listened to Master Sergeant Edwards motivational speech. I did well on the board. My squad leader informed me that if we had made it to the PT part of the board I would've won. A specialist that is going to be promoted to Sergeant very soon, won. I'm glad your reading went well, Queen. I think you gain a little more confidence in yourself everytime you test your courage. Love you, Queen. <3

  11. Aw. :/ I'm sorry you guys didn't make it there in time. Gah. You'd think they would have been more prepared... Anyway. I'm glad you did well, but I knew you would. I'm so proud of you! Always. :)

    Love you too, Sweetie.
    I'm going to ENG306 now.
    I'll talk to you later today.


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