Saturday, February 27, 2010


I thought you guys deserved at least a few details about my visit with Kyle at New Years.
Below you'll find our reunion.  It's as close to my exact perception of the moment as I can offer.
I'm sorry I couldn't give it up sooner.
I feel so small. I am lost in the sea of faces plucking luggage from the conveyor belt. I am completely helpless. All the signs meant to herd the crowd in the right direction are written in a language I can’t understand. I hang back and follow the people who look like they know where they’re going.  Their strides are confident and their shoulders are square. I try to imitate that dauntless attitude.

My heart is pounding. My legs are shaking. It has taken me nearly thirty hours to complete this journey that should have taken twelve. All my body wants is a bed and a glass of water and sleep. Sleep is bliss. By some divine act of God I navigate my way to the customs gate, present my empty passport, and watch with bloodshot eyes as its first stamp stains its pages. Part of my mind is already putting this scene to words for later while another part tells my lips to say “thank you.”

I gather my bags and take one step after another toward huge double doors. I breathe in, concentrating on the oxygen flooding my body. I breathe out. I memorize the way this feels. I expect a camera crew to roll out and document this moment. It seems appropriate considering how long we’ve been waiting and how much work it has taken to bring me here at last, more than 4,400 miles from home.

As the doors begin to part I close my eyes and hold my breath. My heart is hammering so loudly that it mutes the airport noises completely. The doors slide open and his voice breaks my moment of silence.

“There she is!”

I feel a smile burst across my face before my eyes have completely adjusted to the harsher light in the next room. But then there he is. He’s only fifteen feet away from me and suddenly I am full to bursting when only five minutes ago I was nothing but a shell. I am walking as fast as I can manage with four bags draped around my shoulders.

The bags are all on the floor and I don’t quite remember dropping them, but it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is his arms around me and the feel of his face beneath my fingers and the few hot tears sliding down my cheeks for the thousandth time. What was and what will be blur into this one incredible moment and I am so light that I swear I could lift right off the tiles, but I don’t. I stay right where I am, locked in that perfect first embrace, for once not worrying about the long road ahead.


  1. Aw!!! I'm glad you had such a great reunion!

  2. aww thats like a scene out of a movie :)

  3. That sounds heavenly. I am so glad you had such a picture-perfect reunion.

  4. Wonderful writing my dear. You took me right along with you as if I was there to see it!

  5. there will be a movie written about your life. just trust me on this.

  6. awwww! carrie! your writing is simply above normal! reading it made me feel that i was there......i had to read something for someone, dont want to mention any names but you prolly know who im talking about, and it was AWEFUL! (which who am i to critizes someones writing lol) but any is that book coming along?

  7. I would've said that your reunion was Oscar-worthy, but that would have cheapened the moment unforgivably. That was a little priceless bit of real life, that's what. I know people say this a lot, but...thanks for sharing.

    You have an award at my blog.

  8. This is so beautiful! You should write a book about you two, it would definitely be a best seller.

  9. Head over to my spot and see what I left you.



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