Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Bucket List, Take 2

*climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower
*see the Mona Lisa
*see the ocean on both coasts of the US
*go skydiving
*go bungee jumping
*meet Stephenie Meyer
*meet JK Rowling
*publish my novel...and have it on the best-seller list
*meet my great-grandchildren
*save someone's life
*bake a cake from scratch...from memory
*have a library with super-tall bookcases
*work a job with a salary
*try sushi (it has more to do with being brave than with a desire to try the food)
*see the northern lights
*live in a city
*solve my own problem
*make a perfect score on every assignment in one class
*fall asleep under the stars
*read the Bible from cover to cover
*learn to change the oil in my car
*find a pen pal from another country (snail mail)
*pet a zebra
*travel in England, India, Japan, Mexico and Greece
*go shopping and buy everything I want that day
*run 5 miles without stopping, slowing, or tripping and falling ;)
*always color-code my closet
*drive a race car :D
*make sure my mom gets a new house...she deserves it
*memorize the recipe for pancakes
*stand at the edge of a volcano
*learn to make home-made pasta :)
*finish college, and then grad. school
*submit a postcard to PostSecret
*make my way through a cookbook Julie Powell style
To make a Bucket List effective, it must be constantly revised.  Things must be crossed off, added, and subtracted.  The list has to have room to grow with the writer's life.  My original list had three less items, and only four items crossed off.  Now ten of the items have been crossed out:  eight were completed and two were disregarded. 
I took out "skydiving" and "working a job with a salary" because they no longer reflect my life.  Skydiving is something that would make a great story...but not necessarily something that would change me for the better, and I think that's essentially the point of the list.  It's supposed to make you into the best and most accomplished version of yourself you can become; it's about experiencing all the things you want in life while you have the chance.  I don't think I want to jump out a plane after all.  Call it chickening out if you like, but it's just not sounding like my cup of tea.
I kicked out "working a job with a salary" for the same reason.  I just don't think the money is what matters in the job anymore.  Sure, money is necessary, but if I can be doing something I love for a bit less a profit then that's the road I'm going to take.
But now about those other four...  :)
  • I remembered today that I had already fallen asleep under the stars a long time ago.  I honestly don't know how I forgot.  On graduation night, my friends and I had the only non-alcoholic party in town.  It was the first real chance that Kyle and I had to talk.  We sat up almost the whole night swapping stories across a rather cliche campfire, and a few hours before morning I drifted off to sleep beneath a brilliant canopy of leaves and branches and stars. 
  • I've been learning to solve my own problems since I moved away from home.  Living in my apartment (which I still say tries to kill me) has been quite the experience.  I find myself making phone calls to my landlords and the electric company and a variety of help desks without a second thought.  I'm managing to teach myself how to cook and bake and clean...and to never buy the cheap light bulbs.  It's slow going, but it's independent going, and that's what counts in my book.
  • I actually did go shopping and buy everything I wanted.  I took my friend Hannah and we spent the entire day indulging in overpriced chocolates, name brand clothes and aimless browsing.  It's an experience every woman should have at least once in a lifetime.  (Funded by college refund money, of course.)
  • Soon after I posted my original list, Stasia from the UK contacted me about becoming pen pals.  We've exchanged one letter a piece so far, and I'm currently writing my second.  :) 
To those of you who participated in the Bucket List Mcklinky back in : 
How have yours been progressing?  Any new goals or discarded goals?  Anything accomplished?
To new readers:
Wanna share a Bucket List of your own? 
Below is a Mcklinky.  Updates and new lists welcome.


  1. The view from the top of the Eiffel Tower is breathtaking. If it's possible for you to take a side trip when you go visit Kyle I highly recommend it!

  2. You posted this the day after I started my own! (MckLinky number 3) :)

    I may steal a few of yours...:D

  3. Stephanie Ann, I probably won't be able to this time, but after the move pretty much all of Europe will be fairly accessable. ;)

    Jen, what great timing! Thanks for adding your link. :)

  4. I had a bucket list and recently revised it too!

  5. I recently heard of a bucket list and I always used 43things.com for things like this lol. But I'd like to make a solid bucket list! There's just so much I want to do that my list would be so very long lol.

  6. I'll help you with 2 of those. My job requires me to save people's lives on a regular basis. It does not make them better people. "We saved your life earlier and now you don't want to take any medicine or do any therapy? Really." So I would suggest switching it to Change Someone's Life for the Better.

    When wanting to read the Bible from cover to cover it is easier to start in the book of Psalms and read 3 chapters per day. That will take you about 1 year to finish.

  7. I've never worked a salaried (sp?) job. I currently "punch" a time clock and it is the best job I have ever had. It is in education and I feel I can make a career out of it. If I choose to be a teacher, then I will get a salary, but I am content and happy at what I do and my role is ever changing and evolving so it doesn't get boring :)

    I would love to try skydiving, but I am chicken. not just about the jumping, but about the plane ride as well!! LOL

  8. Don't worry about trying sushi.. It's amazingly delicious! Just dont get the stuff from Safeway. I made that mistake with my boyfriend in California. Safeway sushi makes good late night sushi, but I would highly reccommend something like Sushi-Boat, or a Japanese restaurant. SOOO good though. Seriously. Do it soon.

  9. Marie, I visited your blog and I love your list! I tried to add a comment but for some reason it wasn't working for me. :/ Could just be my computer though. It's crazy sometimes. Lol.

    Julie, thanks for the suggestions. :) I've sat down to read the Bible more times than I can count. I rarely make it past the fourth chapter of Genisis. I'll take your advice next time and start in the middle. ;)

    Robyn, if "salaried" isn't how you'd spell it then I don't know how you would. Lol.

    Chicken, it's definitely moving up the list since it's an easier one to obtain. Lol.


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