Sunday, January 31, 2010

Calling All Bloggers

This Spring Break (March 9-13, 2010) my friends (Kylie, Brianne, and Courtney) and I are going to Nashville, TN.  I know, I know.  It's not exactly what you picture when you think of Spring Break, but then we aren't exactly cliche girls.  We're going for another AFI concert, (Kylie's their biggest fan ever, remember?) and we know we're making a trip to the zoo...  but what else should we see while we're there?

Suggestions please?  What's fun?  What's adventurous?  Where is the best shopping?  Great photo spots?  Any amazing bungee jumping experiences to be found?  (Hehe.)

We also know we want to have one really nice night out.  (An excuse to dress up, basically.)  So if you have restaurant suggestions for that day, please give em up!

And in return for your help, here are some pictures from our (Kylie, Brianne and I) last Tennessee (Gatlinburg) trip last year.


  1. Hi :)
    I haven't been over here in awhile!

    My first trip to Nashville was last year for a Jonas Brothers concert. ((What can I say? They make me smile))

    The old Ryman is a must-see. I'm not a musician ((and have no aspirations to be one)) but it was definitely awe-inspiring to be in the same place as so many legends before me.

    The Country Music Hall of Fame was greatly recommended and I was told it would take a few hours to complete. I went through in 20 minutes. It wasn't my cup of tea but if you're really into country music history, you might enjoy it.

    There's a really good ice cream shop down the street from the Sommet Center. Of course, that whole street has a bunch of cute little shops and eateries. However, truth be told, the best meal I had there was at Panera Bread. :P

    Hope this helped!

  2. Definitely the Country Music Hall of fame and shopping is great at Opryland.

  3. Opry Mills mall is great for shopping. The Opryland hotel has great sights inside including an indoor boat ride! Definitely take your camera with you. And of course the Ryman (the old one). Also walking up and down Broadway you'll find lots of great little shops, restaurants and whatnot.

  4. i'm a big nerd, so i would google up some museums near by, or maybe look for some kind for funky class being held - like sculpting or something. heck if ballroom dancing was around, you could do that and then dress up and go out dancing :P or find some little local shops like above me stephanie mentions.

  5. I'd club at every avaible place.. but that's just me lol And every other cliche girl, but I don't know. A concert on spring break still sounds kind of fun

  6. Just started reading your blog! Love it...can't wait to hear more. It's so wonderful to know that there are true love stories out there....

  7. Cool pictures!
    It must be a hell-of-a-great trip!

  8. You all should try to stay at the Gaylord Hotels......that place is AMAZING! but quite expensive lol

  9. Thanks for the tips, guys! :)

    Mizz Yasmin: It's one of my favorite trips of all time. Ranking at number 2 currently. Lol.

    Jon: ...yeah, we're thinking cheap hotel and LOTS of shopping.

    awhichofawind: Thank you! :) It's great to have you on board. Here's to hoping you get your own true love story very soon. ;)

  10. My first girl road trip! I'm so excited! :D


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