Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hear ye! Hear ye!

I've been waiting to tell you all about a very special project that Whitney from "A cheery disposition" and I have been working on this month.  I've been looking for something else to keep me busy while Kyle is away, and I've decided that I'd like to manage my very own blogger bookclub.  Whitney had been hosting a bookclub of her own for similar motives.  Her boyfriend is a real life guitar hero.  He's away doing his guitar hero thing quite a bit, leaving Whitney in a state very much like mine (with a lot of time to kill), and so we've teamed up to bring you...

*drumroll, please*

Page Turners Book Club!  This is where the two of us will bring all of you book-lovers together to read and discuss books of your choosing.  Today is the official opening of our club.  To join, simply follow our Page Turners Book Club blog and vote for which books you'd like to see on our reading list on the poll on its left sidebar.  :) 

We're kicking things off in October by reading Seth Graham-Smith's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.  This book is exactly what you think it is:  Jane Austen's timeless romantic remade with the added adventure of an angry zombie mob.  It should be a lot of fun to discuss!  I'm especially interested to know how you guys feel about modern authors tampering with a classic.  After this month's selection, we'll only read books that are decided upon by popular vote.    

We're so excited to get started, and we'd love to have you all on board.  So if you're interested, pop on over to our blog to read all about how our book club works and to see what's up for the reading list.  Feel free to email me any questions, or to suggest new titles for the poll.  I can't wait to see how this goes!   

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Farewell Gift for All of You: Kyle's Guest Post

Kyle has agreed to do a guest post since he's leaving on Monday.  =)  I'm so excited for you guys to really get to meet him..or at least as close as you can come to meeting him here in blog-land.  Enjoy guys, and show him some love!

Knowing that I'm talking to so many people I haven't met is very intimidating.

Hello you!

Firstly, introductions:  I would tell you my name but you already know.  Besides, a name doesn't mean anything unless you see the person's face or know them, right?  In this case, you've heard quite a bit about me through my wonderful fiancée.  I don't know what to say...

You see, Carrie and I are connected to each other in such a way that it would be harmful to our health if either of us would have some sort of evil befall us.  You, dear readers, mean a lot to Carrie.  You have helped her when I can't, listened to her stories when I was gone, and gave advice when it was needed.  All I can say is "thank you."  Not only for keeping my dear Carrie sane, but for encouraging her to continue on.

I wish I could say more but I'm not a heavy talker.  Sorry guys and girls. I love her to death...<3 Need I say more?

Isn't he a sweetie?  I love him to little teeny tiny pieces.  =)

Friday, September 25, 2009

This one's for the MySpace users:

Kyle and I do those annoying MySpace survey bulletin things together sometimes.  They're more fun that way, and a few of our friends seem to really enjoy them.  This example was posted on MySpace last night, and is copied here for your entertainment.  Though I'm not sure if our bickering is really entertaining, or if I just found it funny... 

For clarity, the following was typed by me.  Kyle dictated his answers, and got a bit fussy if I typed something wrong.  My friend Kylie was in the room too, so she pops into the conversation every now and again.    

How are things between you and the person you like/love/are with?
Carrie: I loooovee you.
Kyle: They are fricken sweet. Yeah.
Carrie: Really. You couldn't just say "I love you too?"
Kyle: I'm too lazy.
Carrie: That's less words than what you said though.
Kyle: But it's more thinking.
Carrie: W. T. F.

Have you ever intentionally made someone jealous?
Carrie: No.
Kyle: No. Not intentionally.

Do you know anyone with such a terribly annoying voice that you can't even stand?
Carrie: T-rex.
Kyle: Preston, this guy from basic training.

Who in your phone has a heart after their name?
Carrie: Kyle created a phone book entry that just says "I love you." He's such a sweetie. :)
Kyle: I did that?
Carrie: Yes. You did.
Kyle: Is it on my phone or yours?
Carrie: You just killed it.

Who was the last person to text you?
Carrie: Kylie.
Kyle: ...um. Uhhh... Lemme think. Oh! It was, uh, Superman.
Carrie: W. T. F.
Kyle: He's my boss.
Carrie: W. T. F.
Kyle: Like I work for him.
Kyle: Like? Don't put like. I don't say "like" like that. That's retarded. I'm not a fricken sorority girl.
Carrie: *types and scowls*

You keeping a big secret right now?
Carrie: Yep.
Kyle: Yes. Yes I am. A secret recipe to the chocolate waterfall.

Is anyone else in the room with you?
Carrie: Kylie.
Kyle: I'm not in the room with you?
Carrie: I figured you could speak for yourself.

Who was the last person you had a conversation with on the phone?
Carrie: Kylie.
Kyle: He-man.
Kyle: That's a capital "M."
Carrie: Oh. My bad. *He Man. ...*rolls eyes*...

What was the first thing you said this morning?
Carrie: "We gotta get up."
Kyle: "Fuck that, I'm going to sleep."
Carrie: No you didn't.
Kyle: Well what did I say?
Carrie: ...you didn't say anything. You just wouldn't get up.
You're such a jackass sometimes.

[For completely ignoring me and not getting up that morning, not for his answer.  And I didn't really mean it.  And he knows that.  ;)]

Wearing any bracelets?
Carrie: Yes. Kyle bought it for me. It's pwetttyyyy. :)
Kyle: And I'm the jackass.
Carrie: ...I wuv you though. :)
Kyle: I wuv you too.
Kyle: No. I LOVE you. L-O-V-E.

Have you ever broken someones heart?
Carrie: ...I don't think so.
Kyle: Did I ever break your heart?
Carrie: No.  You fixed it. :)

How can people tell if your in a bad mood?
Carrie: I don't know...
Kyle: I have to go to the store. To pick up feminine products.
Carrie: ...
Is there something you should tell me? Like now?
Kyle: For you.
Carrie: *is relieved and annoyed*

Do you trust all your friends?
Carrie: A couple of them.
Kyle: Ummm...yes. All of my close friends. Which includes three.

Do you have any plans tomorrow?
Carrie: Kyle promised to come to school with me. :)
Kyle: Whatever she's got planned.
Carrie: YAY! I love you, mister. :)

What are you freakishly obsessed with?
Carrie: ...my blog...Harry Potter...and I'm Team Jacob, all the way.
Kyle: I just woke up naked on my porch holding the neighbor's cat.
Carrie: ...Phyllis's cat? W. T. F.
Kyle: That was all I had to say.
Carrie: We'll discuss this later.

[His first answer was something random from some website.  That didn't happen.  At all.]

Do you ever get "good morning" texts from anyone?
Carrie: Yep. He sent them to me all the time when he was in basic and wasn't supposed to be on his phone. He's such a sweetie. :)
Kyle: No.
Carrie: I sent you one every morning you were away. You just couldn't get it. :/

Who was the last person you hugged?
Carrie: He just hugged me.

True love or 1 Billion bucks?
Carrie: Truuuue Loooove. :)
Kyle: Half of both.
Carrie: *punches Kyle.
Kyle: You didn't punch me.
Carrie: *really punches Kyle.
Kyle: Aaaahhhhh. I was just jokin!!!
For the record:   True love. On both parts. :)

Have you ever slept on the floor with someone you like?
Carrie: Yes.
Kyle: Yeah.

Do you want someone to call you right now?
Carrie: Not especially.
Kyle: Who ya gonna call? GHOST BUSTERS! -- Nope.

Do you get along better with the same sex or opposite?
Carrie: Same.
Kyle: Same.

Is the last person that you had a conversation with a male or a female?
Carrie: Kyle.
Kyle: Did we just have a conversation.
Kyle:That was a question.
Carrie: Did you just correct my grammar?

What are you listening to?
Carrie: What's this band called?
Kyle: I know this band...
Kylie: Muse.
Carrie & Kyle: Oooohhh.

How was your day?
Carrie: Wonderful. :)
Kyle: It kicked ass. Dr. Dave is the shiz.
Carrie: I told you so.

[He didn't think he'd have any fun if he came to school with me.  He was wrong.  He laughed through the entire class.  My professor was even extra funny  just because Kyle was there.  ...I might have talked about him a lot while he was away.  Everyone I know knows Kyle by default.  :)]

Describe how you feel right now in one word:
Kylie: Whenever I'm sad I just imagine if babies were born with mustaches.
Carrie: Astonished.
Kyle: Supercalafragilisticexpialadosis.
Carrie: Was that just to annoy me?
Kyle: hehehehe.

If someone asked you what you wanted, what would you say?
Carrie: Kyle to recieve his honorable release papers so he could stay here with me. :)
Kyle: That sounds pretty good too.

What color shirt are you wearing?
Carrie: I'm not wearing a shirt. I'm wearing a dress.
Kyle: White? Tan? What is that. Oshkoshbagosh?
Carrie: It's tan.

Think of the last person who said I love you, do you think they meant it?
Carrie: :)
Kyle: :P
Carrie: What does that mean?
Kyle: That means I love you.
Carrie: Awww. I love you too sweetie.

Have you ever done anything illegal?
Carrie: Yes.
Kyle: Yes. All the time.

Was your New Years enjoyable?
Carrie: ...we fell asleep on the couch.
Kyle: Ah. I can't remember. I wasn't drunk. I just can't remember. I'm sure it was though.
Carrie: I just told you what happened.
Kyle: Oh. Well I still don't remember.

What was your dream about last night?
Carrie: I don't remember.
Kyle: Oh man. I don't remember when I had a dream since I had a dream.

Do you have a reason to smile right now?
Carrie: Yes. He's a cutie.
Kyle: Yes. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.

Where were you at 9 am this morning?
Carrie: Work. Kyle was in bed. He wouldn't get up.
Kyle: I was in bed, sound asleep.
Carrie: Grrrrrr.
Kyle: *reads my answer and chuckles*

Are you too forgiving?
Carrie: Much.
Kyle: Yeah, probably.

Do you think people talk about you?
Carrie: Oh I know they do. :/
Kyle: Heeeell no. Why would someone talk about me?
Carrie:  I just pictured you snapping your fingers and acting all sassy.  :)

Will your next kiss be a mistake, when will it be?
Carrie: Muah!
Kyle: No.

Do you and your parents get along?
Carrie: Yes.
Kyle: Yes.

Are you waiting for someone?
Carrie: ...not yet. :(
Kyle: I'm waiting... No. Never mind. Yeah.
Carrie: What?
Kyle: I don't know.

Do you always wear your seat belt?
Carrie: Yes.
Kyle: Yes. To keep that alarm from going off.

Have you ever liked someone who all your friends hate?
Carrie: No. They like him.
Kyle: Yes.  But not Carrie.

Is there someone you wouldn't mind kissing right now?
Carrie: Muah!
Kyle: Muah!
Carrie: Hey, Kyle?
Kyle: Yeah?
Carrie: I love you bunches.
Kyle: Aw, I love you too. *yawns*

That's all folks. :)  I hope you all have spectacular weekends! 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blogging Award #2


Ahem.  Sorry.  I'm just a tad bit excited.  This is only the second one of these awards that I've recieved, and I couldn't be more honored.  (Plus, this has brought me out of my short-lived depression-esque funk.  So I'm double happy) 

This particular award was granted to me by the lovely Zen Mama.  When I stopped by her blog to pick up my award, I read two paragraphs and was hooked.  Seriously, if you haven't met her yet, get over there right now.  Her blog is wonderful.  It feels real and honest in a way that many blogs these days do not.  It's safe to say I'm a new fan.  Thank you so so so much, Zen Mama, for giving me this award, and for introducing me to yet another blog that I can't seem to get enough of.  ;)

Now to the award ceremony:

*My blog is now transformed into a magnificent stage, on which I stand holding a trophy in one hand and an envelop in the other...*

The rules for the Kreativ Blogger award are as follows:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

I think we're down to number 4 in the list now, aren't we?  Yes.  Okay.

Seven interesting (maybe) facts about me, Carrie Chaney, the dull-ish girl from Kentucky who somehow stumbled into the internet and found a following by a wonderfully happy accident:

1) I can wiggle my ears.  A few people are jealous of that.  I really don't understand how some people can't do it...  I don't remember not being able to move them at will, so it's really hard for me to explain how it works.

2) I am terrified of snakes and the dark, and especially both at once.  It kills me to have to walk across my mom's front yard at night.  She lives a good distance out in the country, and it's easy to imagine something slithering through the grass.  Sometimes as I'm pulling into her driveway at night, I imagine how horrible it would be to step on a snake in her yard and I make my self so terrified that by the time I get out I have to sprint to the front door.  No joke.  Feel free to laugh.

3) I don't like scary movies, or most comedies.  Scary movies are one of two things:  A) Pathetic -- not scary in the least, illogical, and containing far too much profanity/nudity; or B) Terrifying -- giving me nightmares for weeks.  I'm not a fan of either.  Some comedy is okay...but I find that I don't really like most of the newer comedies because (just like with the newer horror films) they're just too crude for my tastes.  Maybe I'm a bit more traditional than I like to think, but I guess I just feel that too much profanity and nudity absolutely ruins an otherwise decent plot. :/  ...and I think my sense of humor just isn't in sync with the rest of the world's. 

4) I'm a sucker for a happy ending.  Be it a book, movie, or love song, if everyone goes home happy in the end then I'll be smiling.

5) I'll never be able to hold down a diet for long because I can't go without my orange soda.  It will be my downfall someday I'm sure. 

6) I've wanted to be a writer for as much of my life as I can remember.  It's been my constant dream.  Having so many of you wonderful followers makes me happier than you can imagine.  :)  Thanks again, guys.  If you search around here a bit, you'll find lots of old poems and stories that I've shared.   

7) I want to adopt at least one of my future children. 

...aaand now, the moment you've all been waiting for:  THE ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE AWARD WINNERS!  I hereby bestow the Kreativ Blogger award upon the following bloggers:

1) Iida, from with my head in the clouds... -- Iida is one of the most gifted writers I've met thus far.  Her blog is filled with poetry and short tidbits of writing that never fail to astound me.  Her photography is phenomenal as well.  Head on over and get to know her before she becomes overwhelmingly famous. 

2) Trinity, from Newt the Wonder Frog's Lily Pad -- Trinity's blog always brightens my day.  He's attempting to make his way through "the book."  "The book" is acutally titled This Book Will Change Your Life.  It gives him both ridiculous and surprising tasks to complete, and he blogs all about it.  I'm not so sure if the book will change his life (other than by giving him a hard time for a year) but his writing about it certainly changed my blogging experience for the better.  :)

3) Jessica, from Learning As We Go -- Jessica is an Army wife, who, as her title suggests, is learning as she goes.  Her blog documents her life and all its ups and downs and in-betweens.  She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met, and deserves your attention.  Go and say hello!

4) Mayra, from Life is bananas. -- Mayra lives life BOLD like no other.  She has more fun in one of her fabulous weekends than should be legal, shares my passion for shopping, has a wicked sense of humor, and can always put a smile on my face.  What else can you ask for in blog-land, hmm?   What's that?  Fabulous taste in shoes, you say?  Well she has that too.  Now go on; go and show her some love. 

5) Jasmine, from An Experiment in Poverty -- Jasmine blogs about her sensational life in Long Beach with her husband Levi.  Jasmine's blog started as a coping mechanism for their not-so-great financial state, but has turned into one of the most amazing blogs I've found yet.  I'm glad to report that they're doing much better now, and that we get to follow along to hear all about it.

6) Kattrina, from 365 Days of Happiness -- The title of this one expains itself.  Kattrina is spending a year in happiness and documenting each day of it! 

7) Megan, from Army, Alaska, Life -- Megan is another Army wife, and an absolute inspiration.  She handles this lifestyle far better than I think I'll ever be able.  Her blog is simple and honest, and resonates with warmth that can only come straight from the heart.

Well, there you have it, folks.  Congratulations to you lovely ladies and one gentleman who've been selected!  I look forward to reading your acceptance speeches.  ;) 

Have a marvelous day, everyone! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Five Days

It's coming again, and I'm doing my best to fight off the anxiety and fear that are threatening to overwhelm me. Having been through one separation already, you would think that I would be prepared, calm.

Well I'm not.

In five days it will take every ounce of my courage and strength to watch him walk away again, and as soon as he's out of sight I'll lose it for a while. (Be prepared for a short hiatus after Monday. I'll be stuffing myself full of ice cream for a day or two.)

The hardest part will be reshaping my routine. I became comfortable with him being here. I shifted everything so that he was at the center of my life again. But now instead of leaving campus every day to go home and find him waiting, I'll be walking up to an empty dorm room. (At least until next month when I can move into my new apartment.) I'll be waking up each morning to find nothing but a pillow lying next to me. I'll have to start driving myself everywhere again. I'll have to remember where I put my keys on my own. I'll won't be content to just sit at home and curl up to watch a movie - I'll be constantly busy, constantly filling up my hours so that there's no time for tears.

I don't think this will ever get an easier.

I just wish I at least knew for certain when I'd see him again. There is no end point this time. When he leaves, it's without the reassurance of a dwindling countdown. It could be six months. It could be a year. Hopefully it will only be three months. (We're hoping I can fly over to see him on my Christmas break. Please, oh please, oh please...)

Sorry to rain on the happy parade, but I'm just starting to feel panicked again. :/

Just four and a half more years... The only way to make it out is to forge ahead.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Birthday Fun Continues

It's a little known fact that my birthdays last at least a week. 

My bestest best friend Kylie and I are having our birthday party tonight. :)  Her birthday is tomorrow.  We're only four days apart. 

*insert a round of the birthday song for Kylie here*

We're having pizzas and ice cream cake, shared with a dozen friends.  How much better can it get?

...it could get much better.  Because:

Tomorrow Kyle and I are going out to celebrate my birthday together.  *yayyy*  And on Monday I'm recieving the bestest (yes, I'm using that word a lot today) birthday present in the whole entire world:  my new apartment!  :)  My wonderful fiance is supplying me with a home while he's away.  Isn't he just darling? 

[Move in is set for November 1st. That'll be a fun post for sure.  =) ]
Have wonderful, lovely weekends!

PS--Can't you just feel the happiness oozing out of my blog today?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Bucket List:

Inspired by my new friend, Anisha. :)

*climb to the top of the Eiffle Tower
*see the ocean on both coasts of the US
*go skydiving
*go bungee jumping
*meet Stephenie Meyer

*meet JK Rowling
*publish my novel...and have it on the best-seller list
*meet my great-grandchildren
*save someone's life
*bake a cake from scratch...from memory
*have a library with super-tall bookcases
*work a job with a salary
*try sushi (it has more to do with being brave than with a desire to try the food)
*see the northern lights
*live in a city
*solve my own problem
*make a perfect score on every assignment in one class
*fall asleep under the stars
*read the Bible from cover to cover
*learn to change the oil in my car
*find a pen pal from another country (snail mail)
*pet a zebra
*travel in England, India, Japan, Mexico and Greece
*go shopping and buy everything I want that day
*run 5 miles without stopping, slowing, or tripping and falling ;)
*always color-code my closet
*drive a race car :D
*make sure my mom gets a new house...she deserves it
*memorize the recipe for pancakes
*stand at the edge of a volcano
*learn to make home-made pasta :)

I love the idea of a Bucket List. I love how when we start to list the things we want to accomplish before death, each one is relevant because is symbolizes something that we value. Many of my goals involve my family, and living fully.  I want to make sure that I stay close to the people I love, and that I don't miss out on any opportunity.  I never want to let my fears stand in my way.

Some of my goals are old ones, taken from a list in my journal that I wrote in high school. Others are newly acquired.

What do you guys want to accomplish?
What things are important to you?

Make your own Bucket List and link it up in the Mcklinky box below.  Then hop around to see what everyone else is saying.  Don't forget to link back to this post in yours so that your readers can get the full list of participants, or even play along as well. The list will be open for entries until the end of the week.  :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's the best birthday ever.

I woke up to my phone going crazy with all the "Happy Birthday" texts (over 20 so far).  I arrived at work to find chocolate chip cookies and a birthday card waiting on my desk.  My facebook is completely slathered with messages. 

I'm a happy girl.
And it's only 9:42am.  :)
This calls for a...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Shopping Spree

Like most college students, my favorite part of every semester is the day I recieve my refund check from the university.  This year I'm getting nearly $2000 back each semester in money from my scholarships and financial aid that isn't needed to pay my tuition expenses.  (Thank you, God, for not making my family rich.)  While most of it is being safely tucked away into a wedding fund, a good chunk is being spent in a very merry fashion.  =)

Accumulated as of today:

-A lovely new dress.

-A pair of v-neck tees. (In periwinkle blue and light brown.)
-A really cute purple tank top with a crochet back.

-A new hoodie.  (One cannot go a semester of college without at least one added to one's collection.)

-Two lovely pairs of ballet flats.  (Pointy toed black ones, and white ones with a button strap.  =])

-Quite a few books, including but not limited to:

The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan
Swapping Lives, Jane Greene
The Lovely Bones, Anne Sebold
The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

(The Joy Luck Club is an old favorite that I highly reccommend.  Jane Greene is brilliant.  I love all of her books that I've read so far.  They're lighthearted and captivating.  The Lovely Bones is one I read ages ago, way back in my middle school days, and can't remember much about.  I can't wait to find out if I like it...  The Hunger Games is very intriguing.  It's a dystopic novel [which I have a fondness for] that was reccommended on Stephenie Meyer's website.  It has to be great if Stephenie likes it, right?)

-A new cookbook. (More baking. Soon to be more installments in Carrie's Crazy Cooking Extravaganza, I suppose.)

-A lovely yellow bag from Target. (Don't you guys just love Target?  They always have the cutest purses for the best prices.  For the record:  I can't afford the nice designer ones.  :/  And therefore, Target is my heaven.  Pretty cheap things make me smile.)

-A pretty purple camera. :) I've been needing a new one to document things with.
-A pretty pink journal to record all of my "events" in.  (By which I mean: a place to collect all of my ticket stubs that my pack-rat-ish-ness won't allow me to throw away.)

Quite a wonderful list I have there, isn't it?  I'm pretty sure there are more things I'm forgetting too...

So what about you guys?
Anybody else have refund checks to burn through?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Salem Effect

PhotobucketYesterday in my American Lit. class we covered Mather's account of the Salem Witch Trials. My professor has a way of getting off topic, so instead of discussing the piece as a form of literature, we actually ended up just discussing the event itself: the horrors the accused were subjected to, and what could possibly have caused our ancestors to slaughter so many people.

The theory of a hallucinogenic substence in the colonist's food as well, as the common assumption that it was simply the result of mass hysteria, was produced, discussed, and dismissed.

Eventually the conversation turned to a debate of whether witchcraft actually exists. It was a commonly accepted "no" for the most part, though we agreed that it wouldn't have been strange for the colonists to have belived in its existence since magic is referenced to in the Bible as an evil. At that point, our professor proceeded to tell us some of the strange stories he's heard about voodoo and hexes, and though most of us wrote them off as nonsense or lucky coincidences, one jumpy, nervous girl in the back suddenly burst out in a squeaky confession that she's pagan.

She proceeded to talk about the existence of witches and ceremonies that she's taken part in. The room went dead silent. Jaws dropped. Hardly anyone spoke for the rest of class. Our professor looked completely befuddled. As soon as we were dismissed everyone bolted for the door, skirting around her as if she had the plague.

On the way to my next class, I couldn't help but feel astounded. Had we not all been professing our ardent belief that witchcraft was nothing more than fiction? Even I had said that, yet here I was, half afraid of something for no better reason than that it isn't "normal."

In that moment the reason for the events of Salem, MA, became unquestionable. In the space of an hour we'd created our own little mini witch-trial, found her guilty, and sentenced her to estrangement. Why? Fear of what we do not understand. It's not something to be proud of, but it is an experience to learn from.

Before I hadn't thought myself capable of such a hasty and unfair reaction. Now that is obviously not true, but knowing it is a possibility allows me to gaurd myself against it happening again.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Curious Case of Donald Miller:

Since I've become a Blog of Note I've had an enormous amount of feedback from readers. This has been incredible! As an aspiring writer, your opinions and thoughts are very valuable to me. I've also had a huge amount of support from fellow Army wives/girlfriends. This has also been wonderful. I can't tell you guys how great it is to feel like I'm not alone anymore. Finally I can see that there are some people in the world that can understand what I'm going through right now.

But amid all of this attention (and I knew this would happen eventually) I discovered The Curious Case of Donald Miller.

Donald was the first person to express negative thoughts about my engagement. (Please, no boo-ing. He has a right to his opinions.) His sentiments weren't without some bits of truth, and since that is the case, I've decided to share them, along with my rebuttal, with all of you.

Donald commented: "You guys are making a mistake!!! You are only 19!!! Trust another military member when I say he will move on---and so will you. I wish I could be the flowers and roses everyone else is but I have lived the life for 20 years and the army is hard and harder on relationships. As a famous person said, "If the military wanted you to have a spouse, they would have issued you one!" Good luck anyway."

When I read this particular comment, I was a bit hurt. It wasn't like I hadn't expected to hear the "you're so young" card at some point, but I'd escaped it for a while and I was starting to hope I wouldn't have to defend myself. Alas, that is not the case. Donald has raised the topic, and so I must address it.

So let's look at his argument, shall we? Donald seems to have three points to back up his claim that we are "making a mistake."

1.) As previously stated, our young age. Most people follow this statement up with something to the effect of: "You haven't lived enough to know what you want yet."

2.) He seems to think that we'll "move on." More specifically, that Kyle will move on, and that I will follow suit. Perhaps he thinks us fickle? Or perhaps he thinks Kyle is the type to fall face-first on the sidewalk for any girl in short shorts? Or maybe he writes this one off to our age as well. Either way, he says we'll grow apart.

3.) This part of the argument is the one I find most sound: The Army is hard on relationships. This I know to be true, without doubt, and without dispute. Donald, you are right about this one. It will be hard. However, I don't think that's enough reason for you to say my upcoming marriage is a mistake. You, like so many others, underestimate me.

Mkay. There we have it, clearly divided and defined: the reasons Donald thinks mine and Kyle's relationship is doomed.

In response to saying that we are young: We both realize that. And in fact, I'm not nineteen yet. I won't be nineteen for another two weeks. I know that we have our whole lives ahead of us, and that we will both change in that time. But I also know how much I love Kyle.

I love Kyle more than I thought it was possible to love someone. I love him enough to follow him half-way around the world. I love him enough that I would die for him in a heartbeat. I love him enough that I can't imagine spending the rest of my life without him, no matter what that life holds. If I have a hard life in front of me, I'd want him to be by my side, and if it does turn out to be all sunshine and daisies, there is no one I'd rather share it with.

I may not know what I want in a lot of areas, but Kyle doesn't fall into one of those. He is the one thing I know I will always be sure of. :)

In response to the idea of us growing apart: Why would grow apart when we could grow together? Neither of us make promises lightly. We understand what marriage means, and we intend to honor the commitment that we are giving one another. Kyle is one of the most honorable and loyal people I have ever met. I have no doubt that he will remain faithful to me while he's away.

He has the same faith in me. I'm not the typical college Sophomore. I have a level head on my shoulders that is prepared to be as patient as I need to be. I will wait for him while he is away because I am able to see far enough into the future to know that it is what is best. The pain that I'll deal with now is nothing compared to the happiness we will share in the future. That future is my endpoint. I focus on it every day, through every fit of tears. Our loves keeps me strong when I'd rather be weak, and I believe it is enough to bind us together.

In response to the Army being hard on relationships: This is point where I think Donald has a valid argument. The Army is indeed rough on relationships. How could anyone think it would be easy to have your husband or boyfriend (or wife/girlfriend) taken from you at the whim of the military? It would be foolish to dispute this. I do not pretend to think it will be easy. I am no fool, and I am not blind.

There will be many lonely nights, many mornings spent biting my nails as I watch the news, and many painful afternoons when I'd like nothing better than to hear his voice. ...yet that is not enough to scare me away from Kyle. Had that been enough I would have left him before or during the 5 1/2 months we just spent apart.

I've had a taste of the bitter loneliness I'm facing, and I know I am strong enough to handle it. Kyle, obviously, thinks the same of himself, or he wouldn't have proposed in the first place. He is, as I have stated, one of the most honorable people I know. I trust him to be honest and open with me, and not to toy with my emotions. He's a much better man than that.

And so, Mr. Miller, if you're reading this, I appreciate your warning. I thank you for wishing us luck at the end of that comment. But mostly I hope you will realize that you have underestimated Kyle and I. We are not, by any means, the typical teenage couple. We've both come from circumstances that forced us to realize the magnitude and seriousness of life decisions such as these. We do not make them lightly.

Now, dear readers, I will jump off of my soap box and put it away for another day. :)