Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcome to the 1st Annual Blogging Birthday Bash!

I can hardly believe this day has arrived.  When I started this blog, I thought it would be just like any of my other projects:  I thought I'd give it up within a few weeks.  Surprisingly, I didn't.  I commited to it.  I commited to you readers. was the best decision I ever made.

This blog has changed the way I live my life, and most assuredly for the better.  But lets skip all the sappy mumbo-jumbo for now, shall we? 

Without any further ado, come on in, one and all, and lets have some blog-hoppin' fun. =)


I awoke on the morning of my Blogging Birthday with a smile.  It was finally here!  When I descended the stairs, prepared to conduct a last minute clean-up before you lovely people began to arrive, I found that there was nothing to be done.  I nearly fell down the stairs when I saw what used to be my living room.

I mean, don't get me wrong, I love my apartment, I do, but it's no where near this lovely.  Something very strange was going on.  I know how big my downstairs is.  It couldn't possibly hold all this!  I opened the front door and looked around outside.  The building didn't appear any larger...

About the time I started to scratch my head in wonder, a tabby cat with spectacle markings came running around the corner.  Then I realized what was going on. 

"You didn't think I'd really let you host a party in that, did you?" McGonagall said, raising a brow.

"That?" I responded with a scowl.  "What do you mean by 'that'?  I happen to love my living room."

"Yes, well, it's hardly practical for a gathering of this magnitude."  She had a point, so I conceded and she continued to tweek things until the place looked simply smashing.  Meanwhile, I teamed up with some very friendly house elves to do the cooking.

This was the fruit of our labor:

And the glory of the evening, the cake, in carroty colors, of course:

There was just enough time left over to change before everyone started to arrive...

Is this not the most gorgeous dress you've ever seen?  Ever???  It's a vintage 1950's Kathryn Kuhn Gown, and it's an absolute dream come true.  For all intents and purposes, we're saying that this is what I wore.  :)

Within moments of my descending the stairs once again guests began to arrive.  Some came by car, but some came by more conventional means.  Some arrived in a hot air balloon, and one man even arrived in a carriage pulled by alligators.  That one caused a bit of a scene...  We ate, we danced, we laughed, we cut into that marvelous cake...and we celebrated.  And at the end of the night, just before we all went home, I made the following birthday speech:

"First and foremost, I'd like to thank you all for coming.  Your being means the world to me.  To know that so many people actually care astounds me each and every day.  This past year has been full of changes for me.  Some were changes of circumstance, but others were changes within myself, and I am so glad that you all were here to help me through them.

Having this blog has been a blessing I did not expect, but it is one for which I am constantly thankful.'s to one wonderful year of friendship and discovery, and to many more to come."

And I meant every word.  I do owe you all so very much gratitude.  So on with the festivities!  Let's hear from the guests shall we??  Start popping around the guest list on the right to see what they were up to!  :)



The give-away drawing will be conducted on Saturday to give everyone plenty of time to get their posts up.   Only guests who participated are eligible.  Good luck everyone!  :)


  1. Your snozberry crumble cream cheese tarts were divine! I also thoroughly enjoyed the 40 foot carrot ice sculpture in your living room. How ever did you get it to stay frozen? What a wonderful party! I'll be over to clean up and take leftovers home soon. :)

  2. Ooo, the grand piano I'm playing at your party is even in the photo! Whoopie! :D

    I LOVE the dress, by the way.

  3. we have the same blog birthday!! happy birthday to you!

  4. happy blog birthday!!! and yay for magical room expansions and delicious house elf food!

  5. Can't wait 4 next year.
    I'll totally participate.

  6. Happy blog birthday! I hope it's as wonderful as your dream. :)
    I love reading your blog, it's a blessing to your readers as well!

  7. Carrie, sorry I couldn't make it to the bash. I thought I would pop over after work but when I drove by it looked like things were winding down. I wanted to congratulate you in person on your one year of entertaining, sharing, expressing and connecting - a growing bunch of eager followers. I have been privileged to watch your little whimsy grow into a favourite destination of hundreds. As your first follower, I must say that I feel a certain maternal pride in your accomplishment. I knew the first post I read that you were a special spirit - and I was right.

    And may I add that I caught a glimpse of you in that gorgeous gown and you looked FAB! Can't wait to see what the next year will bring .... something delicious no doubt. ((hugs )) Carrie.

  8. Courtney, naturally, anything with cream cheese is going to be fab. ;)

    Claire, happy birthday to you too!!

    Yazmin, I'll hold you to that. ;)

    Lyn, it's funny that you use the term "maternal pride." I was just thinking that I've come to think of you as a sort of blog-mom. :) *hugs* for you as well.

  9. Happy blog birthday!! The dress is amazing...and that food...YUM!

  10. HAPPY BLOG BIRTHDAY!! snozzbery cream cheese tarts sound really good...

    and that dress. is gorgeous. and amazing. :]

  11. Carrie- sorry I had to bail on the bash...strikes on airlines and climate summets make for expensive flying these days! Orange Icing! OMG!!! Am so sad I missed that one!!! xo

  12. Carrie! I love what you did with the place and I bet you looked amazing in your gorgeous dress :)

    Happy blog birthday! I'm so glad we stumbled upon each other in the blog world :) x

  13. What an amazing party Carrie! :) It was so much fun! Thank you for sharing it with us all! :)

  14. Happy Bloggie Birthday! I love your blog!
    Thanks for the wonderful party as well <3



  15. What a great party! Thanks for letting me come. Happy Birthday!

  16. Is this why I feel like crap today? Must have indulged too much in the fancy champagne!

  17. Your dress looks fabulous,the food is amazing. I love the decorations around the room. Happy Blogging Birthday. Thanx 4 the invite.

  18. Julie, it's a distinct possibility. Hopw you feel better soon!

    Yollie, thank you and you're very welcome. :)

  19. Happy birthday, Carrie! Your party looked wonderful, I'm sorry I had to miss it, but I'll be sending funfetti cupcakes your way!

  20. Happy Belated Birthday, carrie! I loved that cake - gorgeous!


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