Monday, December 14, 2009

Patchwork Post:

I have completely checked out of blog-land for the past few days, and below is the reason why.

I gave up my tumblr a while back, but I've fallen in love with it again.
It's so much fun, and such a great way to share beautiful things with a huge audience.
Do any of you guys tumbl?
If so, add me here and I'll return the favor.  :)
Also, I must announce:
I am going on a sort-of-kind-of leave of absense.

I leave for Germany in 13 days,
I have finals all this week,
and I have a very busy cookie-baking schedule coming up.
(We poor college kids have to home-make our Christmas gifts. =] )

I'm not saying I won't be popping in,
I'm just saying that I won't be able to give this blog the attention it deserves.

So, I'll be frequenting my tumblr.
And I'll do my best to keep you guys updated here.
It's a very hectic,
and extremely merry,
Holiday Season around these parts.

To keep you occupied until I'm back,
check out my Resolutions guest post over at Novelista Barista!
(Thank you so much, Jennifer!)

Happy Monday, everyone.  =)


  1. finals time is stressful! I understand :] good luck on everything and I hope you have a fabulous holiday break! don't forget about us while you're in Germany... :P

  2. Oh, I won't. ;) I'm just hoping I'm able to get posts up while I'm there! It'll be a challenge to put the whole thing in one update, otherwise. :/

  3. I added you on tumblr. I'm chainedartist there, too. :)

  4. Megan, thanks! :) I'll add you as soon as I'm back on tumblr. ;)

  5. Have a GREAT time in Germany! I'm so happy for you, you get to see your fiance! I was supposed to see mine this week but he decided he didn't want to come, for reasons I'll never know.

    I'm so excited for your Blogging Birthday Bash on Wednesday!

  6. that harry potter scrabble game made my day... maybe even my week (though considering that it's finals for me too i suppose thats not too hard to do). hope your germany trip is fantastic!

  7. Sarah and Sarah, thank you! :)

    Sarah number one: I'm sorry he didn't come. :( Hopefully you'll get to see him soon...

    Sarah number two: I loved that one too! :) I kind of wanna go play HP themed scrabble now... Good luck with finals!

  8. Happy holidays, Carrie! Have a safe trip to Germany, in case I don't get to tell you before then!

  9. I know how you feel! Life has been getting crazy, hectic!

  10. You can say that It's a good thing I love Christmas or I'd be going crazy right about now. :)

  11. Drink a nice German beer while you're there. And I promise I will be just as lazy and only look once a week to see if you posted anything.

  12. Lol. No beer for me, but it's a good suggestion, and I appreciate the laziness. ;)


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