Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Fact or Fiction

I was over at Willow's delightful blog today, and she had the wonderful idea to play this Fact or Fiction game with her readers.  It looked like such fun, so I thought I'd give it a whirl and see how well you guys really know me.  Below are ten statements about me.  One of them is fiction and the other nine are facts.  Can you guess which one isn't quite true?
  1. I am allergic to mushrooms and blu cheese dressing.  One decent-sized bite will have me puking like crazy for hours.
  2. I wrote my first short story when I was six years old, during a winter snowstorm that caused a week-long power outage.  I was so engrossed while writing that my hair caught fire in the candle I was using for light and I didn't even notice.
  3. Kyle's sister Courtney and I have become best friends and have almost everything in common, but during our ten years of school together in our tiny hometown we somehow managed to never cross paths until Kyle and I started dating a year and a half ago.
  4. I have fallen down a staircase and acquired a semi-serious injury no less than four times, but have somehow managed to not break a single bone my entire life.
  5. I wrecked my first car by hitting the side of a bridge while the roads were wet and was then rear-ended the day I got it back from the repair shop, totalling it.  Then, after I got my replacement car, the stereo was stolen within the first week.  Both cars were four-door Saturns.
  6. I've had the chicken pox twice, and have a large number of tiny, white scars covering most of my body.  They aren't very noticeable unless you're looking for them.
  7. I left a Post Secret book in a Borders bookstore with an extra secret of my own slipped iside the pages.
  8. My mother named me Carrie after her best friend who moved away to Arkansas when she was sixteen, despite my father's pleas to name me after his great-grandmother Ilene.
  9. When I was a baby, I loved carrots.  In fact, I ate so many that the tips of my fingers and nose turned orange.  However, this has nothing to do with how I got my nickname.
  10. I never learned the "proper" way to swim, to ride a bike, or to do a cartwheel.
  11. (Bonus Fact)  My favorite flowers are dandelions after they've turned white and puffy, and I believe the wishes you make on them come true, one way or another.  :) 
Well?  What do you say?  Which one is not quite the truth?

PS -- If you guys decide to have one of these Fact or Fiction games on your own blog, please let me know by leaving a link in the comments section of this post.  I'd love to try and guess for all of you guys too!

PPS -- People who know me in real life:  No spoiling this for everyone else, pretty please.  :)

[**UPDATE**  Thanks so much for playing along, guys!  This was fun.  :)  The only question that was false was #8.  My great-grandmother's name was Carrie.  The name was also one my mother had picked as a child, and continued to love until she was pregnant with me.  It was a pretty nice coincidence.

Contrary to popular belief, you can contract chicken pox twice.  I had a mild case as a baby, so I wasn't given the vaccine, and then I caught it again in the fifth grade.

And yes, I did write my first short story at the age of six.  It was about a bunch of girls that went on a camping trip and found a cave full of dragons.  My grandmother had it published in the local newpaper.]


  1. I'm going to take a random stab in the dark and say that number five (the car accidents) DID happen, but that they did not occur in four-door Saturns. ;)

    I'll have to do one of my own as well! I'll make sure to double-make and let you know, though!

  2. Okay, I'm going to hazard a guess. Is number three the true fact?

  3. Number 6 isn't true. Chicken pox is a once in a lifetime disease!

    I would have been tempted to say it was number 9 that's false, but I remember from a Magic Schoolbus show that if you eat too much of something or other you can start to turn orange. I guess it was carrots that the guy was eating in the show!

    And in response to number 4 -- are you sure you aren't related to Bella? Actually, this response could apply to number 5, I think.

  4. Dawn, clever, picking apart the details. ;)

    Kess, only one isn't true. But here's a hint for all of you guys, three is one of the true ones. ;)

    Sarita, lol. Kyle calls me Bella all the time because I'm such a terrible clutz. :)

  5. crap! i suck at these. i'm going with 6 or 10.

  6. I'm also going to say that Number 6 isn't true. My aunt is a nurse and she told me that once you get the chicken pox, you never get it again! (also, if you get it, you never have to get the vaccine!)

    I think I might do this for my readers!

  7. Sarah, yay! I love these. So much fun. ;)

  8. umm... eight??

    this is fun. i'll have to do one, too.

  9. number nine is i get a prize????

  10. Maybe the one with the candle and burning hair?

  11. I say #5. Either they were 2 or 3 door Saturns or not Saturns at all!!!

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  13. I gave you an award!! Check my blog for details!

  14. I would be inclined to choose number 5, but I my first car was totaled less than 24 hours before I got it, after getting hit by an old lady when I was pulling out of the dealer. Then her husband hit the car again when he came to pick her up, so I know that these strange things happen.

    So I have no idea. I'm not a good guesser ;(

    But the picture of the dandelions is precious. Do I get bonus points for that?

  15. Oh, in that case, I think number 9 must be the falsehood. Sorry, I read it the wrong way round last night - I'd just got back from work and was very tired!

  16. Haha. This is insanely fun. :) I'll post late tonight to let you guys know which one was false.

    Magaly, it sounds like you have that same sort of luck with cars that I do. ;)

    Sara, thank you! :)

  17. Hmm... I haven't heard the story of catching your hair on fire, but it totally sounds like something you would do. I'm going with number 6, the chicken pox thing. While one can get it twice, I've never spotted a scar on you, but then again, I haven't really looked.

  18. I'd say nr 6? I thought you could only catch it once in your life...


  19. I'm gonna say #2 I couldn't imagine a 6 year old doing something like that... unless your some sort of crazy smart super genius. People who say you can't get chicken pox twice... google shingles.

  20. this post is really nice u have a great blog

  21. Courtney, lol. Just lol.

    Certified Army Wife, well, I wouldn't call myself a genius... ;)

  22. I am going to guess #9! Fun post!

  23. 6 and 9 seem to be the popular choices... :)

  24. I'm going to go for #2 as to me it sounds very exaggerated. And you can get chicken pox up to 2 times in a lifetime but it is very unlikely.

  25. Yep. You were the only one too. ;) Even the people that know me in real life didn't get it. Kudos!

  26. Darn! I puzzled for so long over which one was false that I flat-out missed the competition! Darn. I was going to say it was five that wasn't true. That kind of stuff shouldn't happen in Kentucky, or so I thought. You have bad luck with four-door Saturns...

  27. Postman, that's okay. We'll count you entries late. ;) I have bad luck with cars in general... But you're right. Things like this shouldn't happen in tiny towns in Kentucky. It's just wrong.


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