Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wedding Update #1

On Thanksgiving day my mom, aunt and I went location browsing.  I've always thought I wanted to be married outside in the summer, so we focused mainly on searching for a large open field that wasn't too far into the middle of nowhere.  Before we went home, I took them to this adorable church.  This is where Courtney and Ryan were married.  :) 

Mom and Aunt are completely sold.  They don't even want to look anywhere else.  In fact, they're trying to convince me to move the wedding inside instead of outside.  "But what if it rains?"  "Won't it be too hot?"  "What about bugs?"  (They're rather convincing.  The inside is pretty.) 

Anyhoo, the bottom two images are of the field outside to the left of the building.  The bottom one is an outdoor reception area.  If you look closely you can see snow in the photo of the pretty field.  It was cold

What do you guys think?  Opinions?  Arguements about the benefits of either an indoor or outdoor ceremony?  Just remember that it's almost winter.  Everything will look more alive and green in the summer time.  :) 

(You can click on the image to make it bigger.)


  1. What a beautiful location!
    If you want to get married outside you could always hire marquees in case the weather doesn't hold out.

  2. You could maybe plan to have it outdoors and then move it inside if you absolutely need to! I'm getting married in July, and this whole wedding planning thing is way harder than I thought it would be! I can't imagine doing it without my fiance here! But it sounds like you have an amazing supportive family!

    My wedding will be indoors--here's why: things you already mentioned, like rain, heat, bugs, wind, allergies, etc. that I don't want to deal with. Also, inside has the benefit of a sound system and controllable lighting.

    With that being said, I'm finding that sometimes you have to compromise with wedding planning. For instance, I never wanted to get married in the summer, but it kind of had to be that way since I'm still in school and so are a lot of my friends. Also, I wanted everything to be in the same venue so people don't have to travel, but we found and amazing theatre that we LOVE for the ceremony, but it doesn't have a reception space, so we had to find a reception space somewhere else.

    You have to make little compromises like that sometimes, but in the long run, you'll probably find they don't matter as much as you thought they did. The important thing is that you're getting married!

    Have fun with wedding planning! It's stressful and crazy, but it's fun!


    P.S. I got to 50,000 words in my novel for NaNoWriMo!

  3. few things are more beautiful than a white wooden church in a green field. In summer it will be so much warmer. ultimately, what does your heart tell you?

  4. An outside wedding is always beautiful... that's what I planned for, but a tropical storm came through so that didn't happen. If your heart is set on it being outside, go for it! Just have a backup plan.
    I will say that I did regret not getting married inside of a church though. Maybe you can comprise with that quaint little church on the field!

  5. Kess, that's true.

    Ashley, I'm thinking of making a compromise of my own: Having the ceremony itself outside, but moving to an inside reception area afterwards. I really want to time the ceremony so it's near the sunset. :)

    sas, I completely agree.

    Jessica, so far, that's the plan. Lol.

  6. OMG ! this is just the church setting that i've been hunting for :) where is this ???

  7. Carrie, it looks beautiful! Finding the location was the hardest thing for me- yay for you!

  8. Kayla, it's Station Camp Christian Church in Irvine. :)

    Claire, thank you. :)

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  10. AHHH . You don't even know - I'm sold as well . I love this location . I called Dustin as soon as I saw it and told him that I had found the location for our wedding :) haha

  11. I love the country church, however I am partial to outdoor weddings (I got married twice outdoors). I can't think of a more holy cathedral than the magnificent beauty of nature and the outdoors. But you always need a backup plan ... it's hard to believe you are already planing full tilt!

  12. Wow! Loads of questions would have to be answered before an opinion could be given here. How many guests? Is the budget tight? What kind of decorating are you wanting for the field? Arches? Lots of flowers? Is the reception area there big enough? Phew! Wedding planning is a lot of work. But I think the setting is very beautiful and peaceful looking. Inside or out, I think it would be a great location!

  13. I'd go indoors. An outdoor wedding is nice, but if it is really hot and sunny, you will be shiny, sweaty, frizzy and sticky. You will be squinting in your photos. Indoors you don't have these issues and you don't have to juggle anything if it starts raining.

    But you know either way it will be wonderful. And perfect. It's your wedding! Either way you choose, relax and enjoy.

  14. awwww, looks great! i would go outside weather permitting....why is there a comment about obama?!?!?! its by lamar....

  15. I think it could look really great in both the outside and inside. Going with an outdoor you'll always have to wonder about the weather....

  16. Why are you worried about rain? In a previous post you said Kyle was the luckiest guy in the world. How could it possibly rain?

  17. You can plan for the wedding outside, but move it inside if need be.

    As for the reception -- maybe tents in the field? I would think the bug problem would be greater at night. Or maybe there is a great indoor venue nearby?

    What does your fiance think?

  18. I would plan on outdoors, and only move it inside if the weather isn't good.

    The place looks beautiful. :)

  19. Thanks for your comment Carrie :)

    I love the second picture! The aesthetics are amazing, the perfect spot for a wedding! :D

  20. This place is very adorable :) Wish you would put a pic of inside; I know you may be keeping it as a surprise in case you have an indoor weddding

  21. Amazing aesthetics, looks great ...discuss with your fiance and go ahead... :)

  22. Carrie...If I were you I would be totally torn. That cute little curch is so picture perfect...but ceremony at sunset is so romantic...what does Kyle think? Currently planning my wedding and my David is pretty indiffernet "it is your day, i want you to be happy, i am just happy marrying you..." sweet and annoying at the same time. we are just having a quicky ceremony at city hall and then monster meal and party at a 15th century inn close to our new home will be winter out so there wasn't much of an inside/outside debate!

    good luck!
    and ps....i see Julia and Julia is on your to read is cute and funny and bloggy...if you like it and are curious Julia Child's MY LIFE IN FRANCE is also a great read and I preferred it (but i am a total foodie) xo

  23. Kayla, lol. It really is adorable, and the inside is pretty too. I wish I had some pictures of that to show...

    Lyn, I don't know where the time has gone! There are only seven more months to plan... That seems like both far too long to wait and not nearly enough time to prepare.

    Stephanie, all good questions. My original guest list was massive, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I don't really want a HUGE wedding. I only want the people I care most about to be there. So the size is perfect.

    Budgeting is an issue though. My parents are helping out a lot, but we're still kind of tight. I have a feeling a lot of the decor will be DIY to cut costs. And my family will most likely wind up catering for me as well...

    Kelly, you make a good point. Frizzy and sticky is NOT the look I'm going for.

    Jon, I'm pretty sure that was spam. It has been deleted.

    Crazy Shenanigans, true. :/ Maybe we could just do pictures outside if it's nice?

    Julie...hahahahahaha. Excellent point. I also said in that post that I usually panic anyhow. ;)

    Robyn, if we go with the outdoor ceremony, the reception will be indoor. The church does have a reception hall that would work wonderfully. :)

    And Kyle refused to form an opinion. He keeps giving me this "I just want you to do what you want. This is YOUR day." speech. It's sweet, but it's annoying. :/

    Sarita, oh, it IS beautiful. :) Especially in the summertime when everything is green and alive.

    Kelsey, :).

    Caity, you're welcome. :) I love that one too.

    Elizabeth, I really wanted a picture of the inside, but we went to take the photos on a Thursday so the building was closed. :/ It's really nice inside though. The floors are wooden and the ceilings are reallllly high. There's a chandelier light that's gorgeous, and a couple of the windows are stained glass. :)

    Chivalrous Clan, the discussion went like this:

    Me-Hun, what do you think?
    Kyle-It doesn't matter, dear. Do whatever makes you happy.
    Me-But it would make me happy to know what would make you happy.
    Kyle-Carrie, if you like it, I'm happy.

    Victoria, those statements are the sweetest and most annoying in the world. :/ I guess it's better than if they had a terrible opinion they wouldn't give up though. Lol. And I am torn. Completely. Both are so pretty. :/

    The only thing swinging my vote right now is that the indoor would probably be less expensive. We wouldn't have to rent chairs or tents or anything. And the weather wouldn't be so much of an issue. But you just can't beat a sunset ceremony, you know?

  24. Well, you know I absolutely adore it. :)

  25. Ooh! So fun! Hubby and I originally were set on a summer outdoor wedding. We ran into a problem with that pretty quickly when we found out that Catholic priests won't/can't do the ceremony except in a church. We did find one priest who was willing to give some non-religion reasons why outside isn't as great.

    For one, there's always the rain/heat factor. We were definitely having the reception outside, so the church offered our guests one last glimpse of A/C before dancing their feet off. The big seller for me though was that the priest reminded us of the level of respect.

    At a church wedding, everyone is reverant and respectful. They definitely pay attention to the ceremony, and have a great chance to see the bride (the most important part!!).

    At an outdoor wedding, people are already cracking champagne. There's more chatting, less respect - and less attention given to the bride! Ack!

    I loved how our wedding turned out, with the church ceremony and outdoor reception. Find out what it would take for a tent and caterer in one of those lovely fields you found - and book the church ASAP!

  26. Mrs. Midatlantic, that's a very good point. I hadn't even thought about that, really. It's definitley getting marked down. ;)

  27. Wow...that's beautiful. I love outdoor weddings exciting, Congratulations!

  28. ohhh, tough one - I would love a wedding outside but the weather here is so rubbish I would probably get rained on - how is the weather where you are usually? You could always take lots of photos outside - photos with a sunset would be stunning :)

    Oh, did you get your parcel ok? x

  29. Rhianne, I know! I am completely torn. The weather is usually great, but there are always a few summer storms and I'd hate to find myself getting married in the middle of one. I'm thinking more and more about just having the photos done outside...

    And yes! I did. They're beautiful. :)

  30. Inside sounds like a very good idea. Having the pictures outside would give a great background...

  31. I love how you and Kyle sound just like Dustin and I. He says the same things to me when I ask his opinion about things like, our bed, our comforter, where we eat, things like that. I am a VERY indecisive person and it drives me mad that he doesn't give me a little input. :)


    Kayla, me too! It drives me insane. I don't even like picking what movie we go to see, let alone big decisions like this. Thank goodness he finally told me something. ;)


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