Friday, November 20, 2009

Proud to be a Twitard

Last night was the most hellish experience at a theatre EVER.  But you know what, it was worth it.  Because in the end, we watched Twilight and New Moon back-to-back in priority VIP seating.  Because we're just cool like that.

We arrived at 8:00pm, four hours early for the midnight showing, but there was already a gigantic line.  We bought tickets to see an early showing of Twilight, which scored us wristbands that gained us entrance to reserved seating.  (Perfect location:  First three rows of the upper section.  We were the first to arrive from the Twilight showing, so we were sitting front and center.  :] )

Our good luck ran out around the middle of the movie though.  Apparently the film was delivered wrong to theatres all over the state.  Half the rooms showing New Moon had film that was incorrectly spliced and the last half of the movie was shown upside down and completely backwards.  The dialogue was even reversed.  The problem could not be resolved, and we were given two options.  We could stay and watch the movie after it was finished playing in the theatres that were still working, or we could come back another time for free. 

We stayed, of course, because we're just hard core like that.  ;)  We didn't leave the theatre until 5:30am.  The staff gave all of us "rain check" cards to make up for the disappointment and inconvenience.  I now have five free movie passes to be used over the next six months.  I'm thinking it's a fair trade...

But back to the movie... Can someone say INCREDIBLE!  I thought it was a wonderful balance of "doing things by the book" and spicing up the action scenes for the screen.  My only complaint was that so much time was dedicated to the action that much the relationships were left to be assumed.  Not enough time was spent building the bond between Bella and Jacob, and the one between Bella and Edward was left completely to the imagination until their reunion at Volterra.  Even then, most of the beautiful heart-wrenching dialogue was cut.  :/ 

However, the chemistry between the actors was wonderful.  Kristin and Rob work well together, as does the pairing of Kristin and Taylor (*squeeeelll* for Team Jacob!).  The rivalry between the boys was portrayed wonderfully.  Both actors did their parts well:  Taylor as bitter and rejected, and Rob as calm and reserved.  The characters' personalities from the books showed through.  Edward is a bit more mature and willing to accept Bella's decision, whatever that may be, and Jacob was more determined and demanding, though without Edwards pathetically twisted idea of what is in Bella's best interests.  He at least knows Bella well enough to know that the worst thing he can do is abandon her, even if his presense is dangerous. 

And Victoria?  Ohmigosh.  :)  She was wonderful this time.  Her hair is finally the right color and her acting is superb.  She's a terrifying opponant.  Dakota Fanning made for a pretty creepy Jane as well.  I was really surprised.  She made a BIG step out of her "little kid" roles for this one.  The girl looked positively evil.

Anyhow, if you weren't able to see it last night, you should definitley go.  It was worth the lack of sleep and frustration at seeing a few spoilers upside down and backwards...  :)

Below are some photos of our Team Jacob awesomeness:

[Pictured: Me, Kylie, Courtney, Ryan and the line of dedicated fans that showed up around 8:00.]

So which team are you guys on?  Do you have pics to share?  Let us know by linking up your own New Moon post in the Mcklinky below.  :)


  1. that sounds really good :) i am glad the movie's so good, and i will post a link as far as i've seen the movie next week xD

  2. Wow, what an experience! You guys are troopers for staying up that late.

    Team Jacob, all the way. I don't like Edward's character and I don't see the big draw to Robert Pattinson. Taylor is just adorable and Jacob is a good guy.

    I'm not a huge fan of the books, but one thing that I like about the book to film translation (that is seriously lacking in the Harry Potter films)--the movie is faithful to the books, with enough added in to spice it up without taking away anything. I really like how they did the "October November December" part and the letters to Alice voice overs.

    Great soundtrack too. :)

  3. Jen, the October-November-December part was probably my favorite. Those pages ripped my heart out in the book, and the movie replicated that feeling nicely. :)

    The letters to Alice were pretty great too. It helped show how Bella was feeling. I wondered how the movie would translate some of the beautiful descriptions of her emotion, and the letters worked wonderfully!

  4. I'LL say the reels had been spliced incorrectly! Upside-down and BACKWARDS? I'm sorry your experience got kinda-sorta ruined. At least you've got the free passes, and were hardcore and cool enough to get the first three rows of the upper echelon and stick the thing out. Bravo.

    I got lucky. The only midnight premier I ever attended was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and since I arrived early I got treated to a free showing of "RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK" (MY VERY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!!) right beforehand. It was totally wicked. The only thing that marred it was that "Crystal Skull" was so awful.

    P.S. I haven't read the books nor seen the movies, and know next to nothing about the plot; but I will say this. Go team least HE looks masculine.

  5. Postman, thanks. ;) I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way, but I think that Edward-book and Edward-movie are two totally irreconcilable characters. I wish you knew Edward-book. He's not nearly as feminine and unappealing as Edward-movie. My decision of which team I was going to be on was much more difficult to make because of the books.

    Edward is, for all intents and purposes, the perfect man, but he has a twisted sense of logic about how to "take care of Bella" that that hurts her more than helps.

    Jacob, on the other hand, is faithful and true even through his...challenges.

  6. I'm kinda disappointed that I won't be able to see the movie for a while... everyone's going back home for thanksgiving so there's no one to watch it with me! I'm glad it was better though... something to look forward to!

  7. I'm seeing it once the crowd subsides and I can actually get tickets! (: xo

  8. mollymouse and Adele, I hope you guys love it as much as I did! :) Let me know what you think.

  9. Hey girl!!! Great blog! I just posted about my midnight showing New Moon experience as well. haha, I love how you stayed until 5:30 am!!! hahah, so cute. And Team Jacob for SURE. I wish I could have taped crowd's reactions as well, what a funny night. Happy Friday!

  10. I think I know what you're talking about. Same thing's true of Harry Potter-book and Harry Potter-movie.

    Let me guess: that "twisted sense of logic" consists of him distancing himself from Bella because he thinks it's better for her? Or is it something else?

  11. i just watched it this morning! and i know someone already mentioned this, but i LOVED the october, november, december part. and i completely agree about the movie focusing more on the action than the characters, but i still really liked it.

  12. holy crap! i would've been so bummed if that happened to me! but at least you got to see the movie and it sounds like you had awesome seats.

    yay for new moon!

  13. That movie was UH-MAY-ZEEN. And I'm Team Jacob too. Ohmygosh. :)

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  15. Awe, we're so cute! Remind me to nab this pics from you later. I'm glad we stayed. It just goes to show how dedicated we really are. I can't wait to watch it again with you tonight!! :D

  16. I was team Edward (based on the books) until I saw New Moon last night... now I'm totally TEAM JACOB!!! Edward seems so bland next to Jacob... :o)

    I loved the way they transitioned through the Fall months as well... they gripped me in the book. But I thought some of the "romantic" dialogue they left in was a bit too corny, that or the delivery between Edward and Bella was just really badly done.

    Loved Volterra! Can't wait for volume 4!!! :)

  17. Wow! That sucks about the second half. It would have been slightly amusing to watch that way though. Glad you stayed and got to see it.

  18. I was completely prepared for screaming tweens to over take the theater yet it actually wasn't too bad! I had major high hopes for this movie because it's my favorite book in the series. I was a little disappointed that a lot of the dialogue had been cut out of the movie. Besides that I thought it was really good!

  19. Crazy Shenanigans, I was worried about that too. Most of the younger girls went home after the first showing crashed, and the ones that stayed weren't that bad. A little giggly, but then so were the rest of us. ;)

    I missed the beautiful dialogue at the end, but I went to see it again yesterday (my mom wanted to go) and I think it works okay without it...

    The only thing I still have a problem with is that overly cheesey scene when Edward and Bella are running through the woods. That was completely overkill. We all burst out laughing. Lol.

  20. CrazyCris, I'm excited for it too! I thought Volterra was great. I kind of wish there had been more, actually.

  21. Sounds interesting. I had a similar experience at the movies a few years ago; the wrong movie started playing. Not as bad as what happened to you, though, what with all those spoilers, and stuff. Glad you had fun, though!
    And, for your sake, GO JACOB!
    (how do you decide on which team to choose? is it about how hot each guy is, or, what?)

  22. Ryan, not at all. I mean, I can't speak for the squeeling, giggling masses of preteens that see the movies, but for me it's something else.

    For me, it's: If I were Bella, what future would I choose?

    In the books, when Bella is forced to pick between the two guys she loves, there is a moment when she realized that if Edward hadn't come into her life Jacob would have been her perfect human match. She loves him, and they're completely compatible. She even sort of sees an image of the children they could one day have if she chose him...

    The kids. Those would have changed my mind. But Edward and Bella have perfect love, and so that outweighs the benefits of human-Jake in the end. :/

    And, you know, the chance for normalcy is a plus for Jacob too. Edward is ALWAYS a vampire. Jake can be human. I can relate to her wanting that. It would be nice to be in a "normal" where the man I love is in the same country as me. Lol. And while my 'perfect love' would always win in the end too, I'm blessed to never have to choose. I kind of have the best of both worlds. My runaway vampire will come back and turn into a normal human in the end... in about four years we'll be living like a normal couple. :)

    (Yes, I can relate anything to my relationship. Lol.)

  23. i'm TEAM EDWARD for sure.

    and i loved the movie.

  24. Tia, lucky for you we don't discriminate against you vampire girls. ;) I think we all loved the movie. I know I'm completey blown away anyhow...


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