Thursday, November 19, 2009

Prepare Yourselves

Tomorrow night is the one we've all been waiting for.  Tomorrow night, we'll proudly don our Team Jacob tees, tie red ribbons in our hair, squeel like 12 year old girls, and make a mad dash to the theatre for the midnight premier of New Moon

[insert:  Baskets full of credit to Courtney Spradling for being amazing enough to score us 4 of the last 6 tickets sold to the premier nearly a month before the movie's release date.]

We are ridiculously excited for this, and somehow completely un-embarrassed.  Then again, we do have the right to be proud.  We've been around since the beginning.  And, you know, two of us kind of met Stephenie Meyer pre-movie deal.  (Yeah, I know I mention it a lot.  It's, like, one of the shining moments in my life...)  That makes us kind of awesome and old school as far as Twilight fans go.

Here is the trailer one more time for all you blogging lovelies.  I hope to see some of you out tomorrow night!  ;)

Also, if you guys are a Stephenie fan like me, you should head on over to her website pronto!  She mentioned something in the latest post about making The Host into a trilogy.  :)  Can you say EXCITEMENT!?!?


  1. I am so excited about this movie!!! I can't see it till Saturday though!!!

  2. I met stephenie meyer too! my friends and I picked up the book like the first month it came out, and then we FINALLY got to go to the eclipse signing! I always feel cool saying I was into twilight WAYYY back when. :P

  3. Crazy Shenanigans, enjoy! :)

    mollymouse, Yayyy! It's always great to meet other old-school fans. ;)

    I made a shirt too! You should put up a McLinky box so we proud Team Jacob fans can show off our shirts!

  5. Lucky you!! :(
    I have to wait another 20 days b4 it releases in India..

    I hope you enjoy the movie..

  6. *hyperventilates* OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! It's finally here!!

    And, I was extremely excited about the possible Host trilogy too!!! :) I need more Stephenie Meyer.

  7. Lexa, that's a brilliant idea! I'll post one tomorrow with a review of the movie and we can all link up our New Moon Premier posts. ;)

    Sonia, I'm sorry. :/ I hope you enjoy it when it gets to you!

    Courtney, I know!!! Eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk! :)

  8. I CAN'T WAIT! I'm taking my 11 year old cousin so it's going to be totally fun. She's Team Edward, I'm team Jacob so we're going to battle it out.

    BTW if you wanna know about some crazy ninja squirrel drama check out my two posts about it:


  9. Stephanie, well I'm on your side...and I have a feeling you might need the support. The younger Edward girls are vicious battlers! Lol. ;)

  10. Oooh I am so jealous that you scored tickets. I, too, was a fan before the books became so popular. I remember reading the first three and being totally obsessed and telling everyone how I was hooked on these vampire books. I got sooo many strange looks. Then, like three months later, everyone else caught on. But, I like to think, I was an original fan. Not influenced by the media sensation. However, I'm going to Ecuador and will be away for the premier...sad. But, by waiting, I will be that much more excited when I finally make it to the theater.
    Have fun!!!

  11. Hey a trip to Ecuador is pretty exciting too! :) I hope you have a great time, and enjoy the movie when you get back!

    (I got a lot of funny looks too when I first started gushing about the books. In fact, my friends who went to the signing with me hadn't even read Twilight when I told them about my birthday plans. I was the only one that had read all three (this was before Breaking Dawn) when we met Stephenie. They read it so that they'd know what was going on at the signing, and they've never looked back. Lol.)

  12. I hope it was a blast Carrie ... it's been getting rave reviews.

  13. That's good to know! It's only 11 hours and 20 minutes away now... :D

  14. I LOVE how excited you are. Movies are just the best ever time suckers :)

  15. oh no.. sorry! I haven't watch the prequals, and will not watch this one. I don't know, but this is really not my genre...
    I hope you have fun though!


  16. hahaha - team jacob girl here! So funny seeing these Twilight mania posts everywhere- I made one too!



    yayyyy!!! and it's okay that we're on different teams. leaves more eddie for me!

  18. Eagerly waiting for it to release in my country, another 20 days to go

  19. ok, if you would rewind this comment 2 days i would have said...
    "team jacob!? what! we can't be friend!!;)"
    now i say..
    "my loyalty may have changed... and i might agree with you.."
    hehe. i got to see the midnight showing last night and it was so good! new moon was my least favorite book but i really adored the movie. they did such a great job with making you fall in love with jacob and bella! gosh! i feel like a traitor! no no, team edward. but i can respect anyones decision to be team jacob! hehe. wow i can't believe i just wrote the longest comment about twilight. love it:)

  20. Miss Caitlin, I was so excited too! I hope you enjoyed. :)

    bananas, precisely.

    Chivalrous Clan, enjoy when you get to go! It's worth the wait. ;)

    nicole, lol. Glad you understand the allure of Jacob Black now. ;)

  21. Being a boy, and all, I don't see what's so great about these books. But, that's probably because I've never read them. My friend went to see New Moon with his girlfriend, and he said there were many "shirtless men".... I have no comment. Hope you had fun, though!

  22. Ryan, I'm not surprised. Lol. Most guys don't get it. But then again, most guys don't read it.

    To redeem the shirtlessness though, it really was neccessary for the plot of the movie. (Yes, I know, I know...) But really. The werewolves kind of burst out of whatever chothing they're wearing when they shapeshift. Lol.


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